Christmas Eve day with friends

1loading-up-the-dog-sled1Christmas Eve day started with ice in RL – everything covered. I skated from the front door to the curb to put out the recyclables. You know I thought it was dangerous when I allowed my son to go back to sleep and skip the 1/2 day of school he was supposed to attend. So rather than 2mushdrive in to my office, I logged inworld. Hey – priorities, you know? I thought I’d catch up on my holiday cards, sort my inventory, stuff like that.

Issa was on when I got here. We headed over to NCI to chat and catch up on things, see who else might show up. Oura and Jimpsky joined us. Issa was just about to log out when I thanked her again for the dog 3maestrosled and mentioned that I was giving it to friends as well. So much for going to sleep, huh Issa? She rezzed up a sled and Oura and Jimpsky piled on. They raced up and down the boardwalk a few times. Issa handed out sleds so everyone could race.
Then Issa pulled out her bass violin and began to play Christmas music. It was lovely, actually. Quite mellow, beautiful sound. Jimpsky pulled out his violin and joined in. Oura and I watched and listened for awhile. Then a concert piano appeared (I’m not sure who produced that – I think it was Jimpsky). I let Oura duet4have first refusal and then I jumped on the bench. It’s been a looonnng time since I tickled the ivories. Oura opted to adorn the piano. We had been playing for a bit when Suki arrived. Jimpsky pulled out a set of drums for her to play, but she opted to be the audience. We played on as more people began to arrive. Issa switched to her violin which not only played music (more Christmas carols) but also emitted Santas and Christmas tree particles. We were still lacking a drummer until Anna showed up. 🙂 Thanks Anna!

ensemble3As far as I can tell from previewing, WordPress is NOT allowing you to click the pics to see the larger size. Sigh. It wouldn’t let me link to the Flickr urls either. So I apologize for the small photos, but if you wish to see the photos, click here to get to my Flickr account.