Ladies Night at the CnP

Bailey, Bailey, Elise and AhuvaZOMG! I am soooooo glad that Bailey and I became friends via our blogs. Without Bailey I’d never have found the Crown and Pearl. I have such fun there and made so many good friends. It is one of the best places to chill and dance and throw off whatever ails you. Oh, okay, so they have a bit of a drainage problem there. Look – every club has its flaws. So the CnP loses the floor regularly. /me shrugs and sends them yet another bill for ruined boots.

Wet tails and boots, so whatThis Friday I logged on and was lured to the CnP by FRAUDULENT advertising. I’m not saying who sent the message or who it was that supposedly was naked, but hey, there are LAWS about that kind of thing, you know????? *grin* No one was nakie but there WERE nekos galore. Beautiful gorgeous nekos with patchwork tails. So I got out my tail and ears, touched BD’s tail and joined the dance line. Oh – why did I have to touch BD’s tail? Because that’s where she has her chim, and it’s the chim that makes us all dance in unison. Okay – almost in unison. I joined late so I was not properly aligned but I WAS in step.

The cats' meow indeedI say it was Ladies night but Ioh was there too. *grin* Hey – in MY opinon – there should always be a hot neko male about. Rrish was there, too, not-neko’d. But the beautiful cats are Bailey, Bailey and Elise. I’m so happy I finally got to meet Elise. I have only met her tangentially through Flickr. I think this was actually the first time I met Iohannes also. We’ve only “met” via blog postings. So it was a wonderful mix of old and new friends, dancing and chatting, starting the weekend off right.

For all the photos – see my Flickr account.

Neko for a Night

neko-for-a-nightI took the day off today – I had a lot of RL stuff that had nothing to do with work. So when I got home and logged in, somehow it seemed appropriate to go and relax at the Crown and Pearl. I realized I’d not been there for a long time.

When I arrived there were five friends there. I was about to begin dancing when I realized that I was the only one there without a tail. Now I’m not usually one to bow to peer pressure. I have been there before when nearly everyone else was “tailled”. Tonight, however, I noticed the lack and commented on it. Although they assured me that I could stay anyway, Nat did pass me a tail. OMG. It had a notecard with a zillion instructions. Now I know why I don’t wear a tail. Nat laughed at me when I said all that to her and only-bad-photography-can-clip-nats-wings said “Just WEAR it”. LOL. So I did. Hey. It’s kind of cute, you know? I don’t know that it will be my normal attire, but it was fun. So Nat passed me ears as well and PRESTO! a Neko was born. 🙂 You gotta love SL.

We all continued dancing and laughing as more folks arrived. I rather like watching the tail moving about as I dance. I may have to reconsider the whole subject. I”m not as sure about the ears. I think that both of them are scripted. I KNOW I don’t have time to figure out the scripting.

Ah. Speaking of time…. I did it again, folks. I volunteered. Yep. Yet again I volunteered at work for something for which I am probably not suited. I did mention that, somewhat, to the rocking-at-the-cnpproject leader. But when no one wants a job, even the incompetent are considered. So expect to hear more about the joy of Land Ownership and Land rights. 🙂 Because I have a lot to learn in a very very very short time. At least I know a little bit more about this than I know about those trees. *grin* And THIS time- I have a teacher!!!! HELL!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!