Love and Sex are the 2 big draws in SL blogging (maybe in all blogging). 🙂 I’m busy landscaping. But if you want the serious conversation, go to Bailey’s blog. She’s talking about lying and sex and love. 🙂

It’s the attention to details that makes SL such a wonderful place to inhabit. After days and days of planting flowers and trees and landscaping, that fact has been driven home. I’ve been having fun and learning a lot. I’ve been learning about rezzing objects, moving objects, stretching, shrinking and rotating objects. I’ve learned that I am a bit obsessive and compulsive about my work. 🙂 Maybe some of you knew that already. I cannot walk away and leave the plant as it rezzed. I NEED to tweak it. I need to scatter the placements so that the plants are not in a straight line. I rotate each plant slightly to different angles so that the tops have a more natural look. I change the size of each one – some larger, some smaller. It takes me forever. But I can’t not do it. I tried to simply put a bunch of flowers in and walk away. I couldn’t do that. I HAD to make tiny adjustments to each one to differentiate it.

I have finally finished with the 6 flower beds. Now I’m making my way along the river. Ahuva Appleseed!!! 🙂 I am planting weeping willows and weeping crab apple trees. I have cattails for along the shore. I have rocks to size and move and pile. I have weedy water plants along the shore (hey – maybe some lily pads????). Thank goodness there are some other people doing some landscaping as well, because at the rate I’m going, I’ll be done sometime in the spring of 2009. 🙂 And the conference is next week. But trees and shoreline go much faster than tailored flower beds. Less tweaking is needed. Large open space is acceptable. But even so – I am compelled to fill in spaces with little touches of color or rocks. I went in this morning to take some pictures for this blog and I see that J and J have been very busy planting trees. And you know what – it looks great! Obviously they understand the macro view and are not obsessing about tweaking each leaf. There are trees all over. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that they all look the same………. Bad, Ahuva!!! Get with the BIG picture!!!! 🙂

I am sure that there are still more tricks to this than I have grasped. I have learned to group objects to copy but I’m not very good at it and I still feel compelled to change them. I’ve learned to flip plants in the middle of a group of plants in order to change the look and feel even though the individual flipped plant doesn’t show. There are things that happen when I try to move a plant or rotate it that I don’t know why they happen or how to stop them (note: these are not “good” things that happen LOL). I definitely need to get a building lesson (Hey Bailey – I’m going to take you up on your offer) and I need to learn about textures.

It would have been easier perhaps if I’d had more time to learn the nuances before the conference. LOL But I didn’t know that I was going to jump under that particular bus. 🙂 It will be quite a relief when the conference has begun and I am done with this pressure to plant, plant, plant (that’s pressure applied by me to myself, by the way – no one else is “making me” do anything). I miss my life – both RL and SL life. I dream about this project. I think about it most of the time. LOL. I wish I could pull a Tom Sawyer and get someone else to logon as me and do some planting! I can’t wait til I can kick back, put my feet up, go into SL and NOT feel obliged to head to the work sim and plant. 🙂 Soon, soon. And yet – I am so grateful that I am having this experience. It is great.

So there are many many many places in SL where the builders and creators get all the details right. The pictures in this post come from the library at Midsomer Island. If you go back and look at the picture of Darcey stretched out on the floor reading, you will see one black kitty sitting there watching you, and one black kitty reading its own book. But there is a third black kitty – a naughty black kitty sitting on the shelf, trying to catch itself a fish! I stood one night for awhile and watched her play.

Blurring Lines

Yet another confession.  I already admitted that I am totally addicted to SL.  It’s invaded my thoughts whether awake or asleep.  I haven’t had a day in weeks where I didn’t stop in at least briefly.  But now…… I’m very grateful and fortunate that my family supports me in this obsession.  Because I’ve begun writing down SL events in my FL calendar.  Yep, that’s right.  I am now arranging my FL calendar to accommodate my SL calendar.  So far I haven’t cancelled anything FL to attend SL.  But oh was I tempted once!!!!  So now I am putting SL events on the FL calendar in order to avoid conflict. LOL.  I’ve come a very long way from June 26, haven’t I???

And another mini-observation.  There’s nothing like a post about sex and love to increase your readership.  LOL.  I have a very small but loyal contingent of readers.  I very carefully did NOT tag my post Difficult Subjects.  After my Blogger’s Remorse experience, I resolved never to put anything suggestive or explicit in my headings or tags. But somehow even without tags word spread. Looking at my readership stats – more than double my typical daily readers. Hits coming in from new locations. Fascinating. We are ALL experts on love and sex. We all have opinions. We all know the truth. Love is vital to all of us. It’s a compulsion. I’m willing to bet that somewhere it is hard-wired in us: the need to talk about love, being loved, loving. I’m not being facetious – I’m very serious. Despite being an expert in the subject myself 🙂 , I learn so much from what other people write.

I really love learning about people. I love seeing what moves us, what energizes us. I love trying to understand why we do what we do. The blog and SL are a wonderful opportunity for me to meet and talk with others who find people as fascinating as I do. Thanks to you all!

Blogger’s Remorse

This blog is not just about SL, but about my learning many new things, including SL and blogging.  For fun I made a very suggestive title for one of my early entries.  The actually blog was very innocent, but the title wasn’t.  I thought it was humorous, in my innocence thinking that only readers of the blog would see it.  Well, there is some being out there in the great cloud who logs on every single solitary day and googles on the suggestive topic.  Every single solitary day I see that the search hit my blog.  I’ve renamed the entry, renamed the link, but obviously it is cached out there somewhere and not being purged.  And everyday I am totally repulsed by seeing that search and knowing someone out there is thinking these thoughts.  Not occasionally, but obsessively.  Every single day.  Pathetic.  And yes, I AM judgemental.