Panland’s Cyclone

Staying with my resolution to get out and about more, I looked through my inventory for some place fun to visit. I was sure that Panacea had sent me a landmark ages ago about her new roller coaster. Yep, there it was – in SOHO-New York, the Cyclone Roller Coaster! Wow. Judging by where it is in my inventory, I am very late in getting there. I think I remember Chestnut posting about it also, weeks ago.

I do not like roller coasters in real life. You may or may not remember that waaaaaaaaay back when I started this blog, Alaska convinced me to go sky diving with him. I was as sick to my stomach doing it in SL as I think I might be in RL. No, not that much. Because I did actually jump in SL. I’d NEVER jump in RL. *grin* Did I ever mention that stupid ride, The Caterpillar,? I KNOW that was the ride, but if Wikipedia is correct, I was never in any of the amusement parks cited as having that ride. Still. That is my memory. I was I don’t know how young. The linked carts went around in a small circle. There was a little bit of up and down to the track, but nothing like a roller coaster. There was also some cover that opened and closed as the little cart went around and around, up and down. I screamed so hysterically that they actually had to stop the ride to let me off. Yup. Big brave Ahuva.

So I was not really sure I wanted to do a roller coaster, even in SL. *grin* My husband and father got me on a roller coaster down in Disney World – some Frontierland ride through coal mines I think. What we do for love. They ALWAYS put me in the front seat, I don’t know why. I’ve finally learned how to deal with this sort of thing. I close my eyes, and I do math problems in my head. *grin* Yes, nothing like reciting the multiplication table or other number games with your eyes closed to make most of the roller coaster disappear.

Those tricks were NOT necessary for the Cyclone. Although the Cyclone has wonderful sound effects, and you do go up, up, up, UP before you go screaming down, I was able to deal with it. Pan did me the good deed of coming to ride with me, so I didn’t have to go alone. She knows all the ins and outs, so I knew to set the sun to midnight. Different seats give you different rides. I got brave enough in the front to actually release my death-grip on the handle bar, but I don’t think I’m ready to ride in the back and do handstands the way Panacea did! 🙂

Grab some friends and head over to Panland and see for yourself! Maybe I’ll meet you on the ferris wheel!

Soothing Summer Solstice

I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and tense the last day or two. No good reason, really. I suspect it might be the humidity and heat. Except that I love hot weather, summer weather, hazy-hot-humid weather. But maybe I don’t? Not really sure. All I know is that by the end of the day, I’ve been feeling frazzled. (oh – do you think it has anything to do with lack of sleep?)

Fricker Fraker gave us all a gift this evening – his summer solstice concert. Yes, the solstice was actually yesterday, but so what. Stop being so picky. If Fricker is playing, I don’t care WHAT day he claims it is. *grin* Fricker’s music is wonderful. We all gathered at Edloe, thanks to Crap Mariner, who was hosting us all.

I sat down on the grass, sipped my wine, and lost myself in Fricker’s flute playing. I felt all my tension and stress slip away. Vanished. It was so relaxing. So peaceful. So soothing. Balm for the soul.

The only discordant note is that the summer solstice has come and gone. That means the days will be getting shorter. NO! Fricker is playing, and so all unhappiness is banished. We have the whole summer stretching before us. Ahhhhhh…….

Thank you Fricker. Thank you Crap.

The photos here are mine. Panacea Luminos took a photo of me that I think is simply lovely. Thank you Panacea! You are a wonderful photographer! Here are the photos that she posted.

The Sea Crystal Carousel

Sea Crystal Carousel
Natalya and Ahuva ride the carouselI love to play in SL. I am always thrilled when I discover a build that lets me interact with the objects there. I love doing things in SL that I love to do in RL. Somehow the juxtaposition of the virtual world with the real world tickles my fancy. That’s why I enjoy sailing, horseback riding, go Karts. So you know I was thrilled when Calli showed me the Sea Crystal Carousel.

Panacea and her sea turtleThe Sea Crystal Carousel is part of a sim recreating Battery Park, NY. My friend Panacea Luminos is part of the SecondLife “NY HealthScape” project. They are recreating Battery Park as a way to represent NYC in their project. They researched Battery Park and began laying out the paths, the seawall, the Castle Clinton, the labyrinth and park areas, reproducing the Battery Lamps and gardens. Panacea came across the plans for the Sea Glass Carousel, which has undergone many years of planning and revisions, and she fell in love with the music and etheral undersea experience of it all. She started dreaming and scheming on how to get it built. As she tells the story:

A friend recommended a builder ~ Foamy Bosch~ Most excellent with interesting geometric shapes and Prim Torture Master! After minimal exchange of ideas, Foamy went off to the top secret building location in the sky…and three days later, had the structure. dolphins, sea turtles and NatThen I was off to find dear friend Ms Martini Discovolante, who creates amazing carousels and sculptures…within two SL minutes, she accepted the commission and enlisted her scripting partner Marion Questi to do the scripting of the windows, carousel and embedding the music. To reproduce the moving images, I never hesitated in calling Calliygipian Christensen, the most amazing SL photographer I’ve met to date, though there are many I admire. As the images had to change and move and work with the starting of the music and the ride AND deal with the alphas, it was quite a puzzle. After several tries, we sent an SOS to RumbleR Boa, who swooped in and saved the day. Music was the final piece, and Calli sugggested Kyle Beltran…and a wonderful find he was, so easy to work with and totally got the drift. So within a few weeks, testing, laying in the parts…the collaborative build ” The SeaCrystal Carousel in Battery Park, WaterWay New York was realized…

oura and jonah ride the carouselI absolutely LOVE it. I have lost count of how many times I have ridden it. *grin* I have tried to bring everyone I know there. If I haven’t brought you yet – don’t worry. I will. Since I never get off the ride once I’m there, I have had to limit my visits so that I can do other things with my life. LOL. Although – not sure that other things are better than riding the carousel. But don’t wait for me – go yourself. You can find it here It is beautiful at any time, but I find it especially magical at midnight. There are more pictures up on my Flickr account.

Nat rides the dolphinIt is truly an amazing ride. The animals go up and down, the music is magical and dreamy, the setting is wonderful. There are many other things to see in Waterway NY. The grounds are beautiful and are filled with art and sculpture. You can sit on a bench and look at the water and relax. Get yourself to Battery Park and discover what New Yorkers have known forever.