Bamboo’s Backpack

It’s fun to indulge a friend’s hobbies and passions. You may have noticed that I’m EXTREMELY fond of Bamboo, my shoulder pet. Even if you did not notice that, Oura and Calli did. They were shopping last week and found a backpack. Hmmm. Not really a backpack, but a shoulder bag, a baby bag. But a baby bag for baby PANDAS! 🙂 They both agreed that it was a perfect gift for me. At least that is how they TELL the story, but it soon became apparent that the gift was not for ME but for Bamboo. The shoulder bag is adorable, made by Akasha Wachmann and can be found at .:-CatniP-:. or on the Second Life Marketplace.

Bamboo hopped into the bag as soon as he saw it, claiming the panda toys for his own. He also claimed the bamboo shoot but I was not going to argue about them. The bag is adorable – baby pandas, baby bottles for the pandas, toys, bamboo shoots for snacking, a little cloth for cleaning up accidents. Even a photo. ‘Boo settled right in. Currently he’s deciding on names. I assume he will inform me when he’s reached a decision. Obviously tending to baby pandas is strenuous work, so Bamboo curled up and took a nap there with them. We are having our usual disagreement about my hair. You will have to look carefully, but I DID trim the ends a bit for him. I figured it was trim them myself or find them gnawed.

As I looked at Bamboo all cozy in his backpack, I remembered that I’d wanted to get him a set of motorcycle leathers for when we were biking. I thought: “Now THERE’S a business I’ve not seen in SL – outfits for shoulder pets.” I checked out the profile for Xiant Hax, Bamboo’s creator. Xiant has the store Animinimals in world (I think I have that correct.) Xiant is also associated with Desibo! Design Studios. I IM’d Xiant to express my wish for outfits for Bamboo and discovered that Animinimals already HAS a panda shoulder pet that can wear outfits!!!! See – everything IS in SL. Animinimals panda v.3 shoulder pet can wear outfits. *grin* You can buy the outfit pack from the Second Life Marketplace. I was thrilled except…. it would mean upgrading from Bamboo to v.3. And v.3 does NOT look like Bamboo. 😦 I did try to cajole outfits for v2.3, but Xiant is in the middle of a very big project right now, as documented on the blog. That’s why the store is closed temporarily. I’m hoping that when this major project is out in the open and the store reopens, I might be able to finagle bike leathers and a safari outfit for Bamboo. *grin* That way he and I can BOTH go hiking and biking in style!

Ahuva’s in Love

Ahuva and Bamboo
shhhhh.  Bamboo's sleeping/me blushes. It’s true. I swore I wouldn’t do this but it has happened. I scoffed at all the people who fell in love in SL, partnered. Even when I had more of an understanding, I still swore I would not be one. Sigh. As in so many things, I was wrong. I am in love. I have found my forever love. 🙂 His name is Bamboo. He’s a furry. Yes, even that. A furry. But my heart belongs to Bamboo.

That ear needs a scritchIt came on me suddenly. A total surprise. I’d been thinking that yes, maybe I was ready to take this step. But curiously enough, I thought I’d want it in Opensim, or behind the firewall. I was not prepared to fall so hard here, in SL. But when the announcement came through about an MM board, I thought I should give it a try, see what it would be like to have a shoulder pet of my own. I’ve been eying Faust’s dragon with growing envy. I’d been thinking that for my upcoming work conference, I’d like to stroll about with a fire-breathing dragon or a peregrine falcon on my shoulder. So I took the taxi to the MM board, even though it was neither a dragon nor a falcon.

I'll dance laterBamboo is a panda. OMG. I LOVE Bamboo. I don’t want to be separated from him. I may never wear my hair down again. The ducks, Frenis, Bad Horse…. they are nothing next to Bamboo. He’s cute, cuddly, precious, sweet, darling. OMG. I am a total embarrassment to myself. I want him in my RL. I may have to renounce all my other virtual worlds and stay here always.

Ahuva ❤ Bamboo.
Ahuva loves Bamboo