the-party-gets-startedI love when my friends do fun happy things. This time it was Nat & Hell throwing a house-warming party at their new home. I got the invite the day before, which was great. I had time to block it out on my calendar. Lately if it’s not on my calendar – it doesn’t seem to happen. I’d not partied or socialized or relaxed all week. I knew that I had to be with this group of friends to kick off my weekend. 🙂 So an hour before party time I packed up my stuff and actually LEFT THE OFFICE and went home.

cook-the-food-not-the-guestsOf course, I left wrapping the present til the last minute. But I’m getting good at this! I’d already practiced wrapping a gift so that it would give a card and the present smoothly. So I grabbed my handy-dandy gift box, modified it a bit, wrote up the card, and made TWO packages!! One for Hell and one for Nat. 🙂 Hey, everyone likes getting presents. And since I had 2 gifts (one high prim and one low) I figured they could each have the fun. I am quite impressed with myself. I managed to change the color and texture of the box. I reminded myself of what the script did (Okay – honesty compels me – the script was so easy to understand because Hell wrote it for me the other day. LOL. That’s also why it works!). I packed up those 2 boxes and called for the taxi. To my great joy (and a little surprise) – both packages worked exactly as planned. Yay!!! What were they? Plants of course. I’m a gardener, remember? I love flowers.

I arrived at the party to glad-i-am-not-the-maidfind that we were starting outside. Some beef on the barbecue and a bit of brew. I’m not exactly sure why Hell was wearing the cooler, but he was, so that’s the big brown thing you’ll see in the pictures. Also – a word of advice to you all. Should you be invited for dinner – I’d ask for sushi. Or take-out. Or anything that does NOT require Hell to fire up the grill. As Phin found out, Hell has a bit of difficulty getting that grill to light. A flame-thrower is NOT the answer to this question. You were supposed to cook the food on the grill, dear, not the guests…..

safe-above-the-spammingAfter a bit we all moved inside to see the place. Since it would not be a party without being bombarded with “things”, we had the obligatory beach ball blast, with newbies thrown in for a little variety. 🙂 We all had our own little ways to avoid being buried. Some rose above the mess, some of us waded through to a quiet corner. That would be me, actually. 🙂 I found a spot in the corner to sip champagne, to watch the craziness and to take a zillion pictures. Go see them on flickr.

More folks came in to join us friends-just-hanging-outand we had the usual banter and fun that we always do. We ran out of seats fairly early on so Nat and Hell rezzed out a bed. I know that this is your first house together. Let me give you a word of advice. You feed people, you make them comfy, you amuse them – the next thing you know they’ll have moved in. 🙂 Like stray cats. You may not want to be such accommodating hosts, you know? 🙂


the-party-beginsI love dancing. I really love waltzing. The waltz is a difficult dance to do well. In RL I used to do competitive dancing. /me smiles at happy memories. Oh yeah, I love dancing. My teacher Emilio was the best. The man could move like water. Like wind. Like the sexiest creature in the world. He had a grip that would not allow a woman to set one foot wrong. We competed in all the dances. Our rhumba steamed. We did a great hustle dancing-amidst-the-roses(my husband and I still hustle and burn the floor). Emilio and I did dirty dancing that had me bent backwards with my hair sweeping the floor. *grin* Ah yes, those were the days. We pulled in golds in nearly all our dances. Except waltz. I never once did better than silver. Waltz is hard. You need to hit your lines just so. Every move needs to be smooth, elegant, elongated, fluid. Watching a room full of waltzers is as soothing and mesmerizing as watching the ocean waves.

lul-and-ahuvaIn SL – I hit all my waltz lines. 🙂 Nothing like a good pose ball , is there? Shenlei hosted the Cupid’s Dream formal ball at Victoriana the other day. It was a lovely weekend afternoon, extending the Valentine’s Day celebration. I needed a break from all I’d been doing and thinking. So when the reminder came popping up, I knew it was just what I needed. I changed into my beautiful Debutante gown: Louisa in red. I put up my hair, slipped on my dancing shoes and hailed the taxi to Victoriana.

I had the great good fortune music-by-victrolato arrive at Victoriana Carnivale at the same time as my friend Lul. Yes, you’ve seen Lul here before. Go check out Santa’s sleigh and the opensim/SL chatbridge. I can report that not only is Lul smart, witty and sweet, he is also a wonderful dancer. 🙂 We followed the rose path to the party site. Shen had outdone herself with the decorations. Music was provided by Benton Wunderlich.

view-from-aboveLul and I slipped onto a pair of dance balls and began waltzing. Ah, it’s so wonderful to dance in SL. I’ve had so many wonderful times dancing in SL. I don’t know why it works. I would have thought that since I really DO love to dance, that dancing in SL would be hollow. But it’s not. For some reason, watching myself dance feels internally as if I am dancing. rez-and-shenleiI hear the music. I feel the arms of my partner. My brain shifts gears and once again I am twirling and spinning and gliding across the floor, in harmony with my partner and the music. I am as happy dancing in SL as I am in RL. And it’s easier on my poor knees (which are hurting as i write this because, sigh, I started pushing the running again – upped the treadmill this week). So Lul and I danced and chatted and waltzed away the afternoon.

Victoriana is growing on me, no question about it. I’m very glad that they are not a role-playing sim as such. I can go and visit and hang out without having to “be” Victorian. I enjoy putting on a ball gown every so often and being an elegant lady. I also like hanging out in my mayor-littleblackduck-lindsayjeans and enjoying all the amenities that Victoriana has to offer. I was there again today and was amused by the sight of the Seapot Racers. Too funny for words. Now that I know that there are formal balls every month, I just may have to get there on a regular basis and dance. I’m looking for a partner for the ball in March, if you’re interested in joining me!

Day After

day-afterOmg. What a party! Was fantastic! WAY too much food. 🙂 My poor dog – she doesn’t like it when we are all yelling and screaming. Poor me. Sooooo much yummy food to work off.

Even more incredible…. I think my very good friend M may have solved that animation issue for our mutual friend O. Watch this space….. as soon as I get permission, I will post a video of the finished product.

Superbowl Sunday!

*GRIN* This is my favorite of the RL parties that I hold. I debated holding a party in SL too, but sooooo many of you poo-poo’d the whole notion of the Superbowl that I decided to go completely atomic. Well, as completely atomic as I can these days.

I’m planning to post this then hit the treadmill. Yes, I know it’s a bad idea to do it 2 days in a row. Undoubtedly my knees will have a lot to say. But you see – my wonderful friend spent a lot of time and effort yesterday looking for a runningworkout outfit for me. She not only found some great ones, she bought them for me and gave them to me as gifts. BFF, hon!

So last night I jumped on the treadmill inworld – what a hoot! I love it, I really do. I am probably totally silly but I am going to buy that treadmill I’ve been testing. I’m putting it on the first floor of my house. Right now I use that floor for playing, picture posing, rezzing objects that I’m not sure what they are. 🙂 So I’m going to spend the L$600 and put my treadmill there also. Because I’m going to need to work off all the RL calories that I see heading my way today. And I need a way to deal with all the RL stress I see heading my way this week. Demo time. But one of my SL contacts is falling down on the job. *grin* /me pats myself on the back. I knew this was my weak link, so I have a fallback plan. No, I’m not telling you who or what I mean. All I’ll say is this much. If you are reading this – it’s NOT you! LOL.

Okay. Excuse me. I have a lot to do today. Inworld and out. Oh btw – I’m still looking for a good headband. So if you find one – let me know. And I really REALLY need a good animator. I need to repay my friend. She needs a good animator and we need this AO by Valentine’s Day. No, you rude people – NOT that kind of AO. It’s a totally clean, sweet, innocent AO. Sheesh.

Grand Opening! C2P

c2p-opening-night-crowdAs I keep mentioning, my life has gotten a trifle busy lately. But I knew that no matter what, I would get over to Angel Square for the grand opening of the C2P! I’ve missed way too many parties lately. 😦 I missed Issa’s baby shower, I missed a ball in Victoriana, I missed the Ode butterfly hunt in Shengri La. I spend most defying-gravityof my time down by the ducks – scripting. Well, I do a little shopping also. 🙂 And did some exploring for work. But mostly – I’m living a fairly solitary SL existence. I’m getting bored. I need to break out and party!

Tuesday I did just that. Of course, I totally forgot that was C2P day. Good thing I logged in while the party was going full blast and caught a taxi to Angel Square. I didn’t have much time to stay but I managed to dance a bit, sent the tp taxi to Shenlei to come on over and party too. It was a good thing that I could reach her because I couldn’t find any of my party props. Obviously I “NEEDED” glow sticks and lights and things like that. 🙂 Shen of course has a folder-full to share. I chatted with friends there and took a bunch of pics. All of the pics are up on Flickr. There are some decent great-lighting-all-aroundones in the bunch which was pure good fortune. I was juggling a million emails and IMs (work and play) and RL was whining from the floor that it was dinner time for hungry pets.

The lighting is great, good music – Prad was DJ’ing when I was there. I will ignore all the voice-over vocals. 🙂 I was quite pleased to see that C2P circled-in-lightdoes not seem to have the animal infestations I have reported at the Crown and Pearl. 🙂 And the dance floor was dry, too. 🙂 Glad to see the landlords are on top of things at the new place. I loved the “James Bond movie intro dancing girl effect”. 🙂


Guest Blogger!

issa-baby-showerToday we welcome Oura Scribe as guest author!!! Saturday was the baby shower for Issa. 🙂 Although I would have loved to be there, RL had priority. So I had to send my regrets but I asked Oura to take pictures and think about writing it up for me. Good friend that she is, she came through! So although I missed the party, we can still enjoy the pictures and hear how it went. Take it away, Oura……

ouraI attended / co-hosted a baby shower in world this morning for Isabelle Urqhart. This was my first baby shower and a pleasant deviation from the normal routines of SL.


baby-shower-blocksI will have to say right off the best part of any gathering of women is the conversation. Today was no exception. The lighthearted happy thoughts of any infant, coupled with the gifts, demonstrations of how the gifts work, and laughter of friends made that time special.

issa-and-baby-presentsBeing across the world from someone but still able to sit and chat, wish them well and share a moment is a wonderful experience. There was some issue about time zones since Isabelle is in Australia and I think 18 hours ahead of us. So we were 7am SL time and I believe Issa was somewhere around midnight.

issas-rocking-chairBut connecting with another person, learning their personalities, likes, dislikes, knowing their character – it is so much more than a game, and can be so rewarding if taken in that respect.


baby-shower-gamesWe ended the shower with a wonderful fireworks show put on by Peace.

In attendance Isabelle, Peace, Ruby, Oura and Sammy.

Thanks Oura! I’m sorry I missed the party – looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

New Years Eve

arial-ball-gownsMany people post retrospectives of the year gone by, or predictions and resolutions for the year to come. I offer nothing of the sort. I offer you my usual fare: pictures of dancing and fun.

I scripted in the morning then met withhell-without-armor my teacher to show him what I’d done. Oh dear. I misunderstood the assignment. I was trying to make it harder than it was. 🙂 So I am actually back at the beginning of the dumb sliding door assignment which was supposed to be a simple exercise readying me for the swinging door. LOL. Leave it to me…. But I learned a lot from what I was trying to do, so not a big problem.

I managed to get to the Crown and Pearl for the beginning of that party. Had fun dancing and chatting. Tried to IM friends who were on at that time to wish them all happy new year also. Then I needed to log to get ready for RL.

RL was a blast. Had our traditional gathering at our house. Good friends, good fun, laughter, relaxation. new-years-eve-danceWe all managed to stay awake til midnight (not so easy sometimes given all the food and drink and our usual sleep patterns 🙂 ). One of the things that I prefer in SL to RL is the dress code. I rather wish I got to wear my SL clothing in RL. That would be fun. We stayed up quite late, laughing our way into the new year. So I slept away most of the first morning of 2009. I made it awake in time to see that it was still morning, but that’s about as close as I got. 🙂 I never made it back to SL till well into the evening. And thereby proved a point. I CAN go more than 24 hours without logging into SL. LOL. And livebirthday-girl-and-friends a fulfilling happy life. Of course, I didn’t get any scripting done. Tomorrow. I promise. Tomorrow I’ll get the sliding door assignment done. Correctly.

In the meantime… I love my stuffed bear but it is noisy. 😦 It makes all these noises that it claims are growls and breathing but that sound like mewls of pain. I may have to put him back in the inventory.

Lots of things have happened in the last few days that were fun and I took pictures but I didn’t blog immediately and now more things have happened. baby-and-evan-and-linusSo I may never get to show you fishing at the Crown and Pearl. Bailey got bored and dropped the floor. Again. This seems to be a fairly common occurrence. 🙂 I staggered in fresh from scripting, only to find myself knee-deep in water. Getting my fishing rod working was an adventure. I may get that posted, may not. Maybe just the pictures up on Flickr. Logged in tonight to discover that over New Year’s Eve my neighbors turned the property into a landing strip. Yup. Raised the land, put in a landing strip. Sigh. So I terraformed my land in response. How do I suddenly know how to terraform? Because a friend gave me an underwater cave to terraform and a crash course in terraforming. 🙂 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So there has been a lot going on that isn’t getting posted. LOL. Actually, there is OFTEN stuff that happens that doesn’t get posted. People pay me a LOT of money to make sure that things don’t get posted. 🙂 That’s a joke, for all of you who take me literally.

I hope you all had a pleasant and safe holiday. I wish you and yours a healthy happy new year. May this year bring good and peace and health to us all.

Good Causes

Tis the season for good causes and giving. That is because it is ALWAYS the season for good causes and giving.

The first good cause was the day long concert for the World AIDS Day charity concert event. It was held at the Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio in Wales Springs. Alexandar Vargas and Caspian aids-fundraiserInglewood provided the sims. I believe that the organizers/promoters were Callipygian Christiansen, Teann Bellic and Cre8tivefemme Chemistry. There was good live music all day. I tp’d in wearing my standard tank top and immediately discovered that I needed a jacket – it was snowing! 🙂 It’s not too late to contribute to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. You did miss the music (I didn’t, despite freezing my feet in the deep snow – do you see me ankle-deep?) but you can still help out.

The second good cause was….. um….. well, actually…. me. 🙂 You may have heard that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, to help an Ahuva, it takes a sledful of friends. Hey – I NEEDED invitations to send ahuvas-helpersout to everyone for MY party on saturday!! (Did I mention that I am throwing a party Dec 6 at the Crown and Pearl??? 🙂 ) But I’ve never made an invitation before. I’ve gotten invitations. I know that they should look nice, open up, give you all the relevant information. But I didn’t know how to shove that information into an invitation. So the Crown and Pearl regulars rode to my rescue. Natalya, HellspawneD and Mowgli attempted to teach me, both in voice and text, how to create an invitation. But I was being extremely blonde…. I simply could not focus on what they were telling me. (I plead RL distractions!!!) Finally Natalya simply created the whole thing, assisted with (probably unnecessary) comments and suggestions from Hell and Mowgli and then GAVE me the invitation. All I had to do was fill in the blank note card. And THAT, my children, is how you got your invitations. 🙂 Thank you Nat, Hell, & Mowgli (my new friend)!

Of course the third good cause is the fundraising party at the Crown and Pearl this Saturday, Dec 6, noon to 2pm SLT. Be there or be square!!! (Yes – every post between now and then will mention it.) Come laugh, have fun, be silly and raise money for CRY America.

You are Invited!!!


I am having a party!!! YOU are invited! 🙂 Please come! It won’t be the same if you are not there.

This party is the result of my wanting to find a way to thank Bailey and Shenlei for rescuing my artwork and house. It’s also the result of my desire to have fun and laugh and let my friends meet each other. If I can convince some of you RL readers to hop inworld and visit – that would be a real thrill! 🙂

The party is going to be held Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008 from Noon to 2pm SLT (that is SecondLife Time, which corresponds to Pacific Coast Time). It’s going to be held at the Crown and Pearl, of course. 🙂

While we are going to have fun and dance and have a silly contest, we are also hoping to raise money to benefit CRY America, Child Rights and You. CRY is an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of children here in the US and around the world, to address the root causes that keep children hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. We have investigated CRY to verify that it is a legitimate charitable organization and not a front for terrorist activities or other illegal/immoral groups. As you think about your holiday gifts and clothing, you may want to think about how the clothing was produced. As I learned to my great surprise from Shenlei Flasheart’s post, Little Tiny Fingers, many of our holiday outfits are not produced by machines, but by children working for pennies under terrible conditions. That knowledge certainly has had an effect on how I view the clothing I see.

We will also be having a CONTEST with PRIZES! There will be boxes of “stuff”. 🙂 That’s really the best description I can give at this time. There will be good stuff and silly stuff and stretch-your-imagination-to-use-it stuff. Your mission should you choose to accept it (and you had better!) is to buy a box or boxes. Take the “stuff” you find and create a costume/persona. We will have prizes for prettiest, silliest, most creative, scariest, Science Fictioniest (my bog, I can make up words) and whatever other categories I can think up between now and then (most Ahuvaiest?).  See – it will be easy and fun. You can buy boxes as a team or as individuals. (I just made up that rule.) We have three upstanding, admirable, impartial citizens of SL to serve as judges for the event.

Here’s how I think it will work (don’t hold me to this – I reserve the right to make modifications! ): Buy a box or 2 or 3. 🙂 You will have 20 to 30 minutes to create your costume/persona/entry. The rest of us will be dancing and cheering you on. When time is up, all contestants will parade about the dance floor where they will be reviewed by the unbiased and fair-minded judges. Non-contestants are encouraged to cheer for their favorites. Prizes will be awarded in all the categories (whatever they may be). And then we can keep dancing. 🙂

So come play and party, bring your friends and support a good cause!