When Worlds Collide

Way back in the beginning, when I was trying to convince my manager that there was a future in virtual worlds, he challenged me. He said (approximately): All these people you “know” in SL – show me how any of it translates to “real” gain. He didn’t want to hear about people making money IN virtual worlds – making money by renting land in SL or selling SL goods didn’t count. He meant – show me how physical reality changes. Now whether that was a fair or reasonable challenge is moot. I thought a moment (because he wasn’t really giving me time to come up with examples) and did the best I could. I said “My good friend’s husband is thinking of building a wall in their backyard. It would be a retaining wall. My husband has offered to help with the plans. If my husband were licensed in that state, he could charge for this work. As it is, he’s not licensed in that particular state and we don’t charge our friends for such help. But if he were and we did, he could be getting work from acquaintances across the country, from people we’d never have contacted or dealt with without this interaction. ” My manager thought about it and conceded that he could see that potential.

Well. That was all very well and good. But if you want to know how SL REALLY pays off in RL, I’ll tell you. Peanut butter balls. Yum, yum. *grin* Oura sent me peanut butter balls. I probably should have taken the photo of the FULL container. It was full once. Now it’s my tummy (and my son’s tummy) that’s full. *grin*

When worlds collide, you get peanut butter balls. nom nom nom