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Peep Racing

I’ve noticed, and others have commented as well, that I don’t seem to DO much in SL anymore. *grin* If I am not at a concert/performance, I’m hanging about at home, chatting with friends. Sort of a glorified IM/Email. So when Panacea IM’d me and said I had to come join her, odds were that I’d decline. Except….. Pan has an unerring instinct for those SL adventures that will make me laugh and remember why I love SL so much. She never tells me WHAT she is doing. She simply says “I’m having fun and you have to see this, you will love it.” She’s not been wrong yet.

I accepted the taxi and found myself in Easter Spring Town, in Venice Isle. Pan and Lucy were already there, Peep racing. /me blinks rapidly. “Peep racing”? Oh yes, at Easter Spring Town, they have large Peeps (like those revolting sugar confections that everyone loves to devour at Easter time). You rez a peep, hop on, and race the course. There are even fans in the stands, cheering you on as you pass. ROFL. I swear – you get crowd noises. Of course, you may be laughing too hard to hear them. I was, the first time.

We raced a few times. I had great difficulty holding my lane. Now why is that NOT a surprise? Pan of course flew that course like a fiend, a total Peep-racing natural. *grin* We ended up wandering about into the fields, off course, coming and going, riding our peeps about the sim. There are many other fun stores and freebies. Check out the bunny-shaped smoke from the chimneys. All in all, another fun adventure in SL. Let’s arrange for the SL Peep 500. I’m not sure that the Peeps have as much power as my Grifter bike or some of my flying machines, but they are definitely sillier and more colorful! Thanks Panacea!! You were right – I DID have to see that and I DID love it!!! (more pics on my Flickr account)

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