No, It’s a Flatbread

*laughing* This one is NOT a pizza, even though it’s round. This was curried mushrooms and onions, topped with cheese. It was so absolutely YUMMY that I forgave him for setting off the smoke detector. Sigh. I’d baked rolls the day before and we both noticed the “something is burnt in the oven smell” but neither of us remembered to set the oven to clean. Not only did the smoke detector go off but even when we set the fan to high and opened windows and doors it continued sounding. Obviously something had fallen off and was burning on the floor of the oven. As you can see from the pics – the flatbread itself was fine and we both ate more than we should have, it was that delicious. 🙂

look at how CHEESE-Y it is!!!

Good thing my husband felt like cooking because I was very unhappy. I’d gone out to survey my garden. I discovered that something, most likely the groundhogs, had eaten my sunflower plants. 😦 I grew those from SEEDS!!! They were starting to really look as if they might one day be big flowers. I’m sooooo tired of putting up nets. I thought netting the daisies and echinacea was the last net. While my husband made dinner I was putting up netting BEHIND the netting in the front. I put 4 stakes in the ground and wrapped the deer net around the stakes. Then I anchored the bottom with garden staples and bricks. Sure, the devil groundhogs could probably burrow under and up, but I’m hoping it won’t be worth the effort. And I’m hoping there is enough left of each plant to continue to grow. If not, well, I still have some cosmos I’ve not yet planted and I still have cosmos seeds. So far no one has been eating them. The tithonia seems to be intact as well.

you can see the original front net (right side) and the 4 added stakes & net behind it. 😦

Verdict: It’s a Pizza

I was sifting the compost when my husband asked me if he could make flatbread for dinner or if we were still working our way through the weekend leftovers. *grin* Either way I wasn’t going to cook, right? I told him flatbread sounded fine to me if he wanted to make one. Then I resumed checking the compost and mixing it with some potting soil and perilite. I used that to plant the anise hyssop that got delivered today, as well as 4 canna lilies, and a bunch of my seedlings – cosmos, zinnias, tithonia and sunflowers. Since I saw a rabbit this morning checking out the zinnia bed, I netted that as well. In other words, I was working up an appetite. 🙂 He calls it “flatbread” when he tells me he’s cooking, but when he gives me the 10 minute warning and the final “it’s ready for eating” he calls it pizza. It looks like a pizza to me! I’m not big on tomato sauce so he spoils me with green sauces. Tonight’s masterpiece finished up the brussels sprouts, pureed with some celery and seasonings. That gets layered on the bread, then the tomatoes, the the mushrooms and onions (which were tossed with the green sauce) and then muenster cheese on top. It is SO GOOD!!!!! I refrained from stuffing my face beyond my hunger level so that I could have left-overs tomorrow. Yum yum yum!!!

Pizza or Flatbread?

I LOVE that my husband enjoys cooking and creating interesting meals for us. I like to bake, and can turn out a pretty decent bread in 90 minutes, but I’m rarely inspired to cook. He, on the other hand, loves to create. The other night he asked if I was okay with a flatbread for dinner. Okay? Oh Em Gee, Babe, I’m okay with whatever as long as I’m not cooking. 🙂 When he pulled it out of the oven he called it a pizza. 🙂 I don’t care what we call it – it was DELICIOUS. I asked him how he made it but of course I glazed over as soon as he went into the details. What I DO remember: He pureed broccoli and brussels sprouts with coconut milk. He makes his own crusts. He sliced mushrooms and let them sit in the puree until it was assembly time. The layers are something like this – crust, puree, something else????, a layer of cheddar cheese slices, puree, mushrooms, layer of gouda slices. I’m fairly certain I’m missing something (I know there are onions but I’m not sure at which stage they were added) but that’s good enough to explain the photos. 🙂 We had just over half the first night, and the remainder the next night, with his left-over crust-less quiche. 🙂 Ahh, life is good.