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What is So Rare as a Day in June?

my turn to leadDale Innis wearing shoes or boots – THAT is rare!! *grin* But I managed to convince her to slip on a pair of boots this evening. She looked so great, but was dancing in socks. 😦 Oh no, no, no!!!! So I gave her a pair of boots and she did me the great kindness of wearing them. Doesn’t she look HAWT?????? OMG, Dale – you are way cool! 🙂 She actually changed outfits to match the boots! I want to see the other pair sometime in my life also. LOL

I had to ask Dale why “rare as a day in June”? After all – there are 30 days in June. Not so rare. She explained that it meant especially nice. Well, that fits too. Not only is it very uncommon to see Dale in footwear, but she looked VERY nice. *grin* I googled later and found this description as well: rare = marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind

And of course, we are all quoting from James Russell Lowell’s poem, “The Vision of Sir Launfal”. I had to look it all up. *grin* That is why I’m putting this here. Because although I knew “What is so rare as a day in June?”, I didn’t know anything else about it. So this is my lit lesson for the day.

We were dancing to the music of Komuso Tokugawa. OMG. He is incredible. Absolutely phenomenal. Blues rocker. What a way to spend an evening in SL. Thank you, thank you, thank you Komuso!!

Dale in Boots

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