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Sailing, Sailing

So today was nothing as I planned when I got up this morning. Had to cancel some plans due to the famous “circumstances beyond my control”. And rather than setup my new computer, I did very mundane chores. Had a lovely evening out, but found myself a tad cranky when I got home. Petting the dog didn’t do it. Reading everyone else’s blogs didn’t do it either, since there is a VERY heavy topic being discussed. I find it fascinating and will try to think of something semi-intelligent and articulate to say tomorrow, and point you to the true thinkers. For the moment, let it suffice to say it deals with economny in SL. But it wasn’t helping to make me less cranky. I thought about contacting the friends who were logged on, but decided that I didn’t really feel like chatting with anyone. Didn’t even feel like partying.

So I decided to give sailing another try. 🙂 I know, a glutton for punishment. But i thought that sailing out on the water was exactly what i needed. (Since in RL what I needed was to be stretched out on the chaise on the deck of my very favorite beach house, but that wasn’t happening.)

So I took out my sailboat, headed out and – yes, of course – it didn’t work. But this time I didn’t crash. I apparently sailed off the end of the world. Or so said D, in response to my IM. Apparently I’d outsailed the coordinates and had impossible coordinates. Somewhat like an “unexpected error” in our RL product, no? So I’d sailed off the edge of the world (Here Be Dragons) and learned of it because my boat disappeared and a message about it being returned to my Lost & Found appeared.

And we\'re off

And we're off

So I TP’d back to Fishermen’s Cove, took out the sailboat, and tried again. And had a wonderful, wonderful sail. A good 30 minutes or more. It was great. I had a little difficulty finding my way back home – I’m sill not very good at the maps. But I figured that if worse came to worst, I could land the boat, take it, and TP back. No Big Deal.

But I didn’t have to resort to that. I managed to figure out which way to go and sailed myself right back to the exact inlet from whence I sailed. No fateful trip from THAT tropic port! 🙂 It was great. Just what I needed. And a lot of quiet satisfaction.

Check out the trail coming from my tell-tale at the top of the mast. And in one shot you can see the coordinates in the upper right. They are supposed to give me wind speed, sail angle and such, but as they never seem to change, either they aren’t working or I’m not doing something correctly. Guess which! 🙂

Look at that fancy handling!

Look at that fancy handling!

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