A Night At the SL Races

I was sitting at home last night, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I’d suspected that a dear friend was lying to me. The proof that this was so was now staring me in the face. I don’t like to believe this kind of thing. I felt disheartened and sad. I tp’d to a few music events but my heart wasn’t in it. I was hanging out, listening to the blues, wondering if I should take action or just fade away quietly.

Shenlei IM’d while I pondered. There was a race starting at Carriage Trade in a few minutes, and while they had plenty of horses they were lacking in riders. Would I please come and be a rider? I replied that I wasn’t feeling very sociable. Shen assured me that all I had to do was sit and smile. I wasn’t certain I could manage the smile but I could sit. So I took off my stilettos and put on boots and took the taxi to Carriage Trade.

When I arrived at the paddock I saw PatriciaAnne just rezzing as well! I haven’t seen Patricia in ages! I was introduced to Aariyah, a beautiful mare. Aariyah and I would be paired for the race. I think that Patricia was riding Starbuck. We were still shy one rider so I checked my friends list. Bailey was on, so IM’d her, asking if she wanted to ride and had a moment. What great good luck! Bailey would come and race! I haven’t seen Bails in ages and ages – I think since December when we had a Crown and Pearl reunion. Bailey rezzed in and we had a complete field! I think Bailey was on Ghost. All the riders and horses were lined up in the paddock.

The moment had come to enter the starting gates. We all filed in, with very little fuss. These horse do NOT refuse to load into the gate – they can’t WAIT to race! Soon everyone was loaded into the proper position.

Ghost (ghostly.teardrop): wooot
Whimsy whinnies with excitement!
Race Starter: Prepare to race.
Race Starter: On your mark…
Race Starter: Get set…
Race Starter: GO!!!
Shenlei Flasheart: shouts: run run run
Bailey: come on ghost!!
Racing Timer Scoreboard: shouts: Post Position One’s racetime: 63.596680

And Rosemount was the winner!!! *smile* Congratulations Rosemount!!!! We actually ran a second race, but Bailey and I were laughing so hard by that point that I don’t know who won.

It was getting late and several horses and riders had to leave. But there were still enough left to switch to the foal carts. I sat in a cart pulled by Umaki-Chan, a filly with spirit and a lot of pride – justifiable pride. She certainly is not only KYOOOOT, as she points out, but she is FAST!!! We turbo-charged around the course.

By the end of the evening I was feeling much happier. I’d spent the evening with friends – laughing, playing, relaxing. It was a great time. And a needed reminder that while some people are not very good at the friendship/honesty gig, most of the people for whom I care are among my most valued ‘possessions’. It was wonderful fun to spend an evening with friends. Thank you all!