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Do Not Disturb :) (I’m ‘disturbed’ enough as it is!)

I’m SCRIPTING!!!!! Yes I am, indeedy. 🙂 I have a DOORBELL!!! And I had a major breakthrough in understanding scripting grammar/syntax. At least, I think I did. We will find out today when I tackle the NEXT assignment.

Okay – so if you come to visit me, use the doorbell. LOL. Thanks to Chestnut who tested it for me!!! Many thanks to Dale who explained that events get their own braces. (hey – that makes sense to ME and that’s what counts.) And of course, thanks to Hell, who came up with the assignment in the first place and was so patient when I hit the wall after 9 hours of scripting on Friday. The doorbell worked, the timer worked, but they didn’t work together. I think that maybe, just maybe, 9 hours straight was overdoing it. My brain was completely fried. I know that I went inworld and did something – but I don’t remember what. I really hope that I won’t find out when I open an envelope full of photos. But in any case – I have a doorbell. Please don’t abuse it.

doorbellAhuva: try it again and this time try to ring it repeatedly
Doorbell: Hello Chestnut Rau
Ahuva Heliosense knows you are here
Doorbell: You have a visitor: Chestnut Rau
Doorbell: Ahuva Heliosense has already been notified, be patient and stop ringing the bell!

Today – my intruder alert. 🙂

snowflake-raveSo since in RL I get to go out and party (which I did last night, some good live music with friends) I figured I could do the same inworld as well. So I stopped scripting long enough to drop by the Snowflake Rave at Shengri La. I wasn’t there very long, so I can’t tell you all the gossip. 🙂 And when I came back some-people-pay-attention-to-the-themeafter my RL excursion, um, I was there, but not really up to focusing very well on details. But at least this time I do remember that I had fun last night. 🙂 The scene for the rave was beautiful. I think this is my favorite of all the raves I’ve attended there. We were supposed to dress frosty/snowy/flakey. I knew that I had the flakey part down – my brain was still harper1quite fried after all the scripting, even though things were now working. I had a beautiful white dress, but didn’t feel like being formal. So I found a pair of white jeans and a white top. No white boots and no time to shop, so I used a pair of white sandals. Probably should have changed hair color for the event, but that kind of nuance was quite beyond me at that point. santas-helpers-get-cuter-every-yearChestnut and Shenlei looked great, as usual. Both had wonderful white outfits. Harper was extremely cool, but I couldn’t get a good picture – lots of flowing white material, and I was pressed for time. You can always find me and Rez in any picture – just look for long flowing blonde hair. (Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen!).

Since I seem to be so distracted lately (gee, what AM I doing with my time???) let me remind you now about the Ode butterfly hunt on Dec 17 at Shengri La. This really is a wonderful event. It’s like eating potato chips – you think you can resist chasing those darned little butterflies, but then one flies by and you just HAVE to touch it. Wham. You are hooked. 🙂 It’s fun. Bring the newbies – it is wonderful practice for moving and touching and using inventory and all the rest. Not to mention all the cool jewelry.

The Rave of Aquarius


Shengri La hosted another Rave this past weekend – The Aquarian Rave. You know my-little-ponythat you are at Shengri La if there are butterflies and particles. The more of each, the better. 🙂 As always, the inimitable Qee Nishi was DJ’ing up a storm. Now I just read that “My Little Pony” is only 25 years old, which means it was part of the 80’s, not the 60’s. But apparently nobody told the ponies that important fact and there were several round, fairy-tale steeds about the dance floor.

The instructions for this rave were as vague and open-ended as possible: “Dress is your best interpretation of the theme of Hope. dont-set-the-wings-on-fire If you need some help, cast your mind back to 1969 (or google it!) for the Summer of Love”. I refuse to tell you whether I googled or recalled, but I did manage to find a pair of tie-dyed pants, headband and flowered top in my inventory, plus dangling bead earrings. The most difficult part of the costume? Parting with my boots! But to keep in the spirit of things, I kicked them off and went barefoot. As usual, a goody bag came with the invitation. I had my choice of wings: green, blue, lavendar, pink, lime, yellow. The wings came with controls: flap fast, flap slow, don’t flap. 🙂 Shenlei never misses a detail. And of course, the all-important sparkler!! You can’t party without a sparkler. 🙂

I had another stop to make before I could get to the rave, so by the time I rez-and-shenleiarrived it was in full swing and everyone was fairly giddy. 🙂 Rez and Shenlei, warm and generous hosts, were greeting incoming guests and keeping us all laughing. I danced about, my green wings crashing into many people, listening to the chat and banter. Being a kind soul, Shen reminded us all that we were dancing high in the sky at 400 meters. Which means it is a loooonnnng way down should you choose to dance off the edge. 🙂 As most of us had fashion-wings as opposed to functional-wings, the warning was most welcome.

michele-and-dale1Definitely one of the fun performances were Dale and Michele twirling their rave sticks. As it was also Michele’s rez day, it was most appropriate to have her surrounded by sparkls and color!





These raves do pull in the most eclectic collection of raversavatars and outfits. Obviously we all have very different ideas about how “Hope” is best represented. 🙂 I love people watching and reading profiles.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case all too frequently in SL lately, there was one guest who was being inconsiderate. He had an open mike and refused to turn it off. This was causing a LOT of reverberation. So Shen killed voice, which handled THAT. But to ensure harmony the rest of the evening, Shenlei called in her private security forces for control. 🙂

Once peace had been restored, we popped the champagne bubbles1and toasted yet another successful Shengri La rave!

Public Service Announcements

I’ve been neglecting my self-appointed task as gossip columnist and Upcoming Events Announcer. 🙂

Tonight – PARTY!!!!! yep, Shengri La is hosting another rave! This one is the Aquarian Rave. *I* will be there. 6pm-9pm SLT, Saturday, Nov. 15.

And the 17th of the month is approaching. That means another Ode butterfly hunt in Shengri La. These are a lot of fun. But you should also tell all the newbies that you know to attend. Besides the fun of getting pretty jewelry and accessories for nothing, these hunts are excellent practice for moving about in SL. You are flying and touching and zooming and turning. All at the same time. It’s a beautiful location and it shows new folks many positive wonderful things about SL. So spread the word. Take a moment and bring a “new” friend over and help them hunt. And drop by the Vintage Marketplace as well. There are some fantastic designers there with wonderful clothes and jewelry. (Check out the gorgeous necklace in my pic below.)

If you like reading, this is National Novel Writing Month. Michelle Hyacinth has her story, Iconoclast Rising, up on her blog. Check it out and transport yourself into another world. But I warn you – this is a double-edged sword. I love reading the story!!! But it’s not done! So part of me wants to race to the end and find out all the answers and I can’t. But part of me loves having the enjoyment spread over the entire month, logging on each day to see if the next treat has been posted. Anyone else out there who is writing and wants their blog mentioned – let me know.

More news for the fashion conscious…. Shenlei has launched her Debutante line of clothes, elegant upscale clothes for dancing. Yes, Chestnut – I stole that from you. 🙂 Actually for a great description of the clothes and for the slurl, read Ches’ blog: Delicious Gowns at Debutante. I confess – I already have several. I LOVE them. I feel wonderfully romantic and beautiful and special when I wear them. As you move the skirts float and swirl about you. And I always receive compliments on them as well. So check it out and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Here’s my own cliff-hanger…. my next post – Sex in SL. Yep, I’m finally going to bow to pressure and write about sex. 🙂 I’m even going to risk all the porn searches and use the word ‘sex’ in the title. LOL. So watch this spot!!!

Now? Party!!

I may not be planting virtual flowers anymore but I’m certainly not sleeping, either. 🙂 I DO miss sleeping, I have to admit. But I really like partying even more. This is the Halloween season. That means one fantastic party after another. I’m very lucky to have such creative and generous friends. They throw the best parties. And what an excuse to stimulate the SL economy! LOL. I know *I* went shopping for an outfit and accessories. I was helping other friends find pieces for their costumes and admiring others’ new purchases as well. What fun! So, hey, I’m doing MY part!

As always, Shenlei and Rez outdid themselves with the Gypsy Rave. Lots of fun costumes, beautiful people, tons of imagination and creativity, billions of particles and lots of laughter and teasing. I think that some very scary ideas surfaced at that party. I’m hoping that perhaps I’m mis-remembering plans for a future event. 🙂 As always, you need to understand that the live event was WAY better than I am capable of capturing in photos. Pounding music, conversation, animation, particles exploding. One day I will learn how to take videos of these events. 🙂 Gotta get there early if you want a shot of the staging! Otherwise all you see are people and particles and little bits of the stupendous scenery. This one is click-able.

First up, our host and hostess! Rez was streaming light, Shen was prancing and floating (thank GOODNESS she managed to complete her costume to handle the floating 🙂 ). I snuck into that pic too. You know – SL is the only time I actually get pictures of myself. In RL, I take all the photos so that I am never in any. Tends to make me doubt my existence….. 🙂 I have no idea who that is in the back, but she has cool hair! Click on this one to see it larger.

Okay – the rest all speak for themselves. As always, I don’t post names – you know who you are, you know who everyone else is. Or not. LOL. I IM’d Shen to compliment another guest’s costume and asked who she was. Shen said “Have no idea!” 🙂 Some of these are click-able, some are not. /me shrugs. 🙂

You really have to like particles if you go to a Shengri La rave. 🙂

Rave Report

Shenlei did it again! Another fantastic party! If I thought I was overwhelmed by fun, music, lights and friends at the Universal Rave, I had no clue. LOL. I spent hours being bombarded by burning skull & crossbones, sparkles, canons, diving orcas, music and friends. Fantastic! In the picture above you can see our lovely hostess, lower left. You can see one of the TWO pirate galleys. You can see the dance ball – black w/ pink skull & cross bones. You can see the blue Dance! sign. You can see wenches and PIRATES!!! I think everyone had a Pirate hat. There were swords and pistols and boots and eye patches. Bottles of rum and yo ho ho! The chat was filled with Yarrrr! and Ahoy! and Avast! and Matey! Everyone partied so no one was forced to walk the plank. 🙂 You can see we are all having a wonderful wonderful time! Thanks Shen!!! Can’t wait for the next one!! (Oh yes everyone – Shenlei has promised another Rave coming soon!)



It's dark, but see if you can see the ship and the canons and the handsome pirate.

It's dark, but see if you can see the ship and the canons and the handsome pirate.

Oops!  Apologies Z!  you are right - my sword WAS stabbing you!

Oops! Apologies Z! you are right - my sword WAS stabbing you!

Talk and Party Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrrrr! This IS an international holiday! Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can find it in Wikipedia! You can find it in the news!

But best of all – party with your friends!! I know where I’m going tonight!!! Shengri La’s Piratical Rave! Darcey and I went shopping last night and we are all set!!! Swords and Pistols! Pirate hats! We are sailing the high seas and looking for plunder! But we’ll settle for dancing and having a great time with friends!

Hope to see you all! Or ye’ll be walking the plank! 🙂

Important Announcements

While many people who read my blog will already know these important things, there are a few who may not.  So here you go:

From Shenlei Flasheart:   “… my company, the Fashion Research Institute, Inc., has developed the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace on Shengri La .  We will provide vendor space for 20 emerging avatar apparel designers on our Second Life Shengri La sim for six months free of charge.  The designers are encouraged to build their brands, to sell their products through both their vendor prims and through the use of our catwalk system, and to grow their business. We are pleased to announce Michele Hyacinth as Curator of the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace for emerging avatar apparel designers in Second Life. Michele is responsible for managing the design selection process and overseeing the marketplace. For more information and details about the program, please contact Michele.

And check out Chestnut’s blog for more fun happenings at ShengriLa this week:

  • Wednesday, September 17th, the butterfly hunt for butterflies containing Ode jewelry
  • Friday, September 19th, the Pirate Rave (the universe rave was a blast! don’t miss this one!)

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