Vroom Vroom Reindeer

As the Beach Boys sing, “Christmas comes this time each year”. SL is known to pull out all the stops and celebrate loudly and joyously. I don’t celebrate Christmas myself, really, but I love the celebrations and enjoy all the hubbub that comes around. Sometimes I get lucky and have something that *I* can celebrate as well. This is one of those years! My dear friend Hunter has returned to SL after nearly two years away. You were missed, Hunter.

Hunter taught me the fun of wandering along the SL roads seeking adventure. This year Hunter taught me something else new. Well, maybe not Hunter. I *think* that this was all Cate’s idea – Hunter’s good friend. They were decorating their house for the holiday. I was lounging about, IM’ing and waiting for Taunter’s show. Hunter invited me over to see their house and meet Cate. Sounded like a great way to spend an SL evening!

I loved their style. Nice clean simple light wood, Grecian urns, stained glass, lots of light and windows. Truly a home in which I could be comfortable. Cate is a joy, and we had fun teasing Hunter. Hey – isn’t that what we girls DO??? Gang up on the guys? Of course it is. 🙂 SO nice to meet you Cate!!!!!

Then I wandered outside to see their Christmas decorations. Not surprisingly perhaps, I was drawn more to the cute little reindeer out front than to the Nativity scene. Imagine my delight when Cate told me I could RIDE the reindeer. She obligingly set the permissions to public and I hopped on. I nearly fell off from laughing. The “reindeer” contains a motorcycle script/animation. You can rev the “engine” (I don’t even want to think about HOW that reindeer made that noise) and there are 3 speeds. I raced about the property laughing and laughing. I asked Cate to hop on so I could take some pictures – I wanted the “exhaust” and I couldn’t get that and the picture at the same time. I LOVE that reindeer. I tp’d Dale in for a look too because it was simply too cute not to share. Then it was time for Taunter so Cate and Hunter gave me the shopping info: Christmas at the House of Avro. Make sure you go to the Christmas store btw, not the main castle.

I enjoyed Taunter but couldn’t stop thinking of the reindeer. *grin* So I tp’d over and FOUND them!!! Right next to the snow mobiles, outside, just as Hunter had instructed. “Snowmobile reindeer”. They are adorable AND inexpensive AND you can copy them. But you can’t transfer them. Otherwise every one of you would have one right now as a gift!!!!!

I went home and rezzed them for the ducks to see. They were mildly amused but not interested in riding. Chestnut logged on then and I IM’d her, imploring and pleading with her to COME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! *grin* Chestnut is so good to me. She came and her response was all that I hoped. She was as amused as I. We mounted, revved the…. whatever…. and headed for the road. See??? There are REASONS I live right next to a Linden Highway. Neither of us was particularly adept at steering in the beginning, but we got much better. Ches flew down the road. I was trying to take pictures and I was laughing. I have no idea in which sim I was when I tp’d Lalo in to join us. *grin* Thank goodness you can rez objects on the roads. We started off again, trying to catch Chestnut, who was about 3 sims ahead of us.

We dodged AnnMarie’s trucks and property lines that froze us and our reindeer rode under the road and over the road. 🙂 We laughed and laughed and vroomed and vroomed. All too soon it was time to logout for all of us. But we’ll be back. *grin* The Reindeer Gang will Ride AGAIN!!!

You can join us. Get yourself to Christmas at the House of Avro. They have a lot of free gifts as well. Plus while I was standing about admiring the stock, I won the ‘Pine swag animated lights’ just for being there! Be sure to dress warmly – it started snowing on me while I was checking out the snowmobiles!