Shadow Play

Only the shadow knows….. and tells. It was Gospel Brunch time. The Right Reverend HalleCallilujah was leading us in services. I decided to take advantage of my functioning gaming computer and turn graphics up to Ultra and have some shadows. And there you can see The Truth revealed. The shadow tells all. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s …… KRYSSS!!!!!

Refresh Your Body and Soul

Check your calendar. It’s January. Monday is January 31st. That means that SUNDAY is the LAST Sunday of the month. And we know what THAT means, right???? It’s time for the HalleCalliLujah gospel brunch! Sunday, January 30 at 11 AM SLT.

Remember – it’s about music and friends. Come and rock your soul – and all your bits – with us at Meatspace Lounge! Wade through the water, drink some champagne, hear some great music, and laugh a lot. Oh – and *I* bought a new dress for the occasion! *grin*

Revive Your Soul!

It’s that time again. The last Sunday of the month. That means the Right Irreverent HalleCalliLujah (sometimes known as Callipygian Christensen) will be leading us all in song and puns and laughter at her Gospel Brunch. It will be held on Sunday, Sept 26 at 11 AM SL time.

As Calli describes it: The brunch is *not* about religion, it is about the wealth of music that has come to us through people’s musical expression of their faith. With tongue in cheek we DO discuss sin and souls, but most would decribe the tone as somewhat irreverent. So please consider joining us for the brunch – dig out a big hat and some ‘Sunday-go-to-meetin” clothes and join us to listen, wade in the water, and ‘second line’ our way around the sim.

Oh yes, proper attire is fun! *grin* I neeeeeeed to go shopping for a new outfit. What a great excuse, right? So come and rock your soul with HalleCalliLujah! You will find us at Meatspace Lounge


I’m not a religious evangelist. I have my beliefs and practices and that works for me. I hope you have some philosophy of life and the universe that makes sense to you. I don’t preach at you and please don’t preach at me. Unless of course you are the Right Irreverent HalleCalliLujah (sometimes known as Callipygian Christensen). In that case, not only do I listen to her preaching, but I exhort YOU to come and listen as well. Because HalleCalliLujah is spinning the tunes to soar our souls. *grin* And make us laugh. And dance. And yell “Hallelujah, isn’t life grand!”

The last Sunday of each month is Calli’s revival breakfast. I had to miss the first and my did I repent. 😦 I made the second and Glory BE!!! I floated on out to my day on a cloud of well-being. Not only did Calli dish up the tunes, but there was quite a repast as well. Of course there is also the requisite revival tent.

Now mind you – this is NOT for the faint of heart. First – proper attire makes it more fun. I foolishly arrived without a hat. Tsk, tsk, That is just not done. Ladies wear hats to revivals. Might even carry a parasol. *grin* Jessie Wheelwright dresses like a proper lady! Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL? I need to go shopping before the next revival in hopes of finding something halfway as wonderful as what Jessie and Calli and Diane were wearing. (There were others wearing great outfits too but it was, unf, a while ago and I’ve forgotten who all was there.)

At the end, all we sinnahs were saved!!! We went stepping out in synchronization over hill and dale (well, not ON Dale. Dale was keeping in step with the rest of us. *grin*). The Right Irreverent HalleCalliLujah made sure that we all got baptized. Okay, maybe not baptized. But wet. 🙂

So come on down this Sunday to Meatspace Lounge and let the music save your mortal soul! You may even get a halo!