How Plants Grow

orange avens

I was totally flabbergasted this week by an article in my news feeds. It was a picture of the base/root of a romaine lettuce plant sitting in water, growing new leaves!! The article pointed out that you can keep growing the lettuce this way. I had never seen this nor even imagined it. I was astounded. You know that of COURSE I had to try it myself. Wow. It’s really happening! I was so excited about this and told my son and he was all “oh yeah, I know that”. HOW did he know that???? He doesn’t even eat lettuce, does he???? 🙂 (yeah, he does)

growing romaine – represents 6 days growth

I showed you pictures of my grow-from-seed attempts. I moved them outside about a week ago. Since my husband and I had built the raised bed, I had a perfect place to store them until I was ready to start planting. The sunflowers, tithonia, cosmos and zinnias are doing well and I planted them in some of the pots and directly in the ground. We’ll see how they do but they seemed to be holding their own at last look. The herbs are somewhat “meh”. I don’t expect much from them. I had orange tassel seeds (expensive little things) and they also seem to be struggling now that they are in a pot. I’m waiting for some anise hyssop to arrive before I plant the rest of the zinnias and cosmos in the bed between the sidewalk and the street. I don’t want to have to avoid stepping on them when I get in there to plant the hyssop.

you can tell my seedlings in the cups. the other healthy looking things are tomatoes & herbs from a nursery. 🙂

I love how the ferns coming up along the garage in the back of the house look like little aliens. 🙂 The little curled buds look nothing like the fronds they’ll become.

aliens masquerading as ferns?

I actually planted 2 orange avens plants in the front last year. I think one got “eaten” by the weeds but one of them fought it’s way out of the greenery and is blooming. And I had absolutely NO recollection of having this gorgeous purple iris. What a happy surprise!!!

I Grew A Salad

romaine lettuce before picking
Ready to harvest

My romaine lettuce did GREAT!!!! It was large enough and healthy enough that I could make a salad without having to add lettuce from the store. 🙂 I had 3 radishes that COULD have gone into the salad but we ate them. 🙂 I have a lot to learn still about growing vegetables. I crowd them, and mix mismatched sun-types in the same pot. It’s very encouraging, however, when I actually get it right and end up with viable produce! The lettuce appeared to be very happy in a pot of its own, hanging off the porch railing. I’ll plant another!

radishes and lettuce fresh from the garden
My harvest!

The celery isn’t quite ready but you can see that it IS looking very celery. The fun thing about celery is that it grows above ground so I can track the progress. With my radishes I sort of poke around in the dirt if they are not showing through. And yes – I do see that little weed in there that needs to be pulled

it's almost celery
Almost ‘real’ celery

I’ll need to grow more lettuce so that I can make another salad, this time with the grape tomatoes!

grape tomatoes on the vine
grape tomatoes on the vine