Do Not Disturb :) (I’m ‘disturbed’ enough as it is!)

I’m SCRIPTING!!!!! Yes I am, indeedy. 🙂 I have a DOORBELL!!! And I had a major breakthrough in understanding scripting grammar/syntax. At least, I think I did. We will find out today when I tackle the NEXT assignment.

Okay – so if you come to visit me, use the doorbell. LOL. Thanks to Chestnut who tested it for me!!! Many thanks to Dale who explained that events get their own braces. (hey – that makes sense to ME and that’s what counts.) And of course, thanks to Hell, who came up with the assignment in the first place and was so patient when I hit the wall after 9 hours of scripting on Friday. The doorbell worked, the timer worked, but they didn’t work together. I think that maybe, just maybe, 9 hours straight was overdoing it. My brain was completely fried. I know that I went inworld and did something – but I don’t remember what. I really hope that I won’t find out when I open an envelope full of photos. But in any case – I have a doorbell. Please don’t abuse it.

doorbellAhuva: try it again and this time try to ring it repeatedly
Doorbell: Hello Chestnut Rau
Ahuva Heliosense knows you are here
Doorbell: You have a visitor: Chestnut Rau
Doorbell: Ahuva Heliosense has already been notified, be patient and stop ringing the bell!

Today – my intruder alert. 🙂

snowflake-raveSo since in RL I get to go out and party (which I did last night, some good live music with friends) I figured I could do the same inworld as well. So I stopped scripting long enough to drop by the Snowflake Rave at Shengri La. I wasn’t there very long, so I can’t tell you all the gossip. 🙂 And when I came back some-people-pay-attention-to-the-themeafter my RL excursion, um, I was there, but not really up to focusing very well on details. But at least this time I do remember that I had fun last night. 🙂 The scene for the rave was beautiful. I think this is my favorite of all the raves I’ve attended there. We were supposed to dress frosty/snowy/flakey. I knew that I had the flakey part down – my brain was still harper1quite fried after all the scripting, even though things were now working. I had a beautiful white dress, but didn’t feel like being formal. So I found a pair of white jeans and a white top. No white boots and no time to shop, so I used a pair of white sandals. Probably should have changed hair color for the event, but that kind of nuance was quite beyond me at that point. santas-helpers-get-cuter-every-yearChestnut and Shenlei looked great, as usual. Both had wonderful white outfits. Harper was extremely cool, but I couldn’t get a good picture – lots of flowing white material, and I was pressed for time. You can always find me and Rez in any picture – just look for long flowing blonde hair. (Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen!).

Since I seem to be so distracted lately (gee, what AM I doing with my time???) let me remind you now about the Ode butterfly hunt on Dec 17 at Shengri La. This really is a wonderful event. It’s like eating potato chips – you think you can resist chasing those darned little butterflies, but then one flies by and you just HAVE to touch it. Wham. You are hooked. 🙂 It’s fun. Bring the newbies – it is wonderful practice for moving and touching and using inventory and all the rest. Not to mention all the cool jewelry.

Dancing the Victory Dance

I have been dancing the victory dance since yesterday afternoon. I passed my first scripting assignment!!! YAY ME!!!! I wrote a script that did what it was supposed to do! Now this script is not going to set the world on fire, but it DID involve more than one ll function plus getting input and displaying output. Kudos to my teacher!!! I showed the assignment to one of my coworkers, who is QUITE the experienced scripter, and that was his first comment: You found yourself a good teacher. 🙂 Hold a moment while I pat myself on the back for being so discerning. 🙂 (Hey – this is MY blog and if I want it to be all about ME, so be it.)

Seriously – all credit goes to HellspawneD Xingjian. I managed to cajole and wheedle Hell into tutoring me. I know he is always turning out nifty scripts for others and for himself. He makes me laugh. So when I put those things together I decided that scripting lessons from Hell could be entertaining as well as educational. To my great delight, he has agreed to give this a try. We’ve had two classes so far. We’ve been hanging out by my ducks, who find all the prim rezzing very interesting. Although the ducks get very impatient when I need information repeated, Hell has been extremely patient whenever my understanding fails. He allows me to mutter and grumble about pesky {s and )s and ;s and other picky realities of scripting. He is very good about making up examples and assignments that I can grasp, that make sense within MY realities. So wish us luck, patience and success as we continue on this great adventure! Thanks Hell!!!!!!!

talking-prim1Okay. This may look like your basic cherry-wood round prim. But THIS prim can talk. 🙂 The basic assignment was to create a script that allowed me (the prim owner) to supply input text on 2 channels and that allowed anyone to type a “trigger phrase” on a third channel to have the prim display the input. And it does!!! Ask Honour. 🙂 She allowed me to come and bring my talking prim so that we could test it.

Ahuva : this is my wonderful talking prim
Honour : very pretty
Ahuva : if you type a slash 3 and a space and the word on, it should talk
Talking Prim: hello Honour
Ahuva : wheee!!!!!!!
Honour : hello talking prim
Honour : lol
Talking Prim: how are you
Ahuva : roflol
Honour : just peachy Prim how are you?
Ahuva : i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahuva : laughing too hard to make it answer
Honour : yes you did – congratulations
Honour : lol
Ahuva dances victory dance

Just re-reading that makes me start smiling ear to ear and makes me SO happy! But I can’t take anymore time to blog. Hell has given me TWO assignments today. Multi-part assignments. On things we’ve not yet covered together. So I have a lot of work to do. Because the next time you come to visit me, I will KNOW!

Assignment 1
Create a door bell that:
a) lets the user know it was pushed and you were contacted as a result
b) contacts you from anywhere within second life to let you know WHO rang the doorbell/ touched the door
Bonus Material
c) Prevent the doorbell from being a target of spam by either a timer or some kind of block so they can’t keep pressing.

I’m not even going to tell you Assignment 2 because that looks much more difficult. 🙂 I will tell you when I figure it out and make it work!

Custom-Made by Ahuva

I finally acted on one of my promises to myself. I made an object in SL and attached my very own script to it. Hmmmm. Okay – my conscience and I just had a battle and the “good angel” on my shoulder won. 🙂 It isn’t REALLY my very “own” script. 🙂 I had help. Oh please – it has been FOREVER since I wrote code. I looked at the LL scripting language and understood the concept. I remembered Boolean logic and if/else and vectors (arrays) and stuff like that. You know what I completely forgot??? Defining variables. Integer Side. Vector Color. I kept looking at the code samples thinking “what the heck is that all about?” So many, many thanks to B (yeah, the same B who nudged me to create a video way back in the beginning with my first prim). B is very good at explaining things in terms that are relevant to me. So B and I sat down together and wrote a script. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, I had to make an object. (Hint – look at my right wrist!!) That was my weekend assignment. Create something. What something? I wanted something I could use. Jewelry, I can ALWAYS use jewelry. 🙂 I figured most jewelry would be way beyond the scope of Build 1. But a bangle bracelet – that seemed eminently do-able. I thought at first I was going to take a sphere and drill a hole through it and shape it accordingly. I was quite disappointed to discover that one of the prims is a Torus . If you don’t know what a torus is and you are too lazy to click on the link, let me enlighten you. A torus looks like a bangle bracelet. 🙂 Bigger, fatter, but in essence, a bangle bracelet. So I rezzed a torus and shaped it to the right shape and size.

How do you rez a prim? By clicking on an environment hat allows you to rez a prim. So I was at NCI beach. I touched the sand and right-mouse clicked. A pie menu appeared and I clicked Create. That gave me the edit menu. Notice all the prims along the top. The 2nd row, 1st item is a torus. I clicked on that, touched the ground w/ my magic wand (top row, 2nd from the right) and there it was – my torus. It was way too big in all dimensions. So I sized it.

How do you size it? A lot like the way you size things in 2-dimensions. You grab a corner and stretch it out or in. Notice in this screen shot that you can click on Stretch to move into the mode to resize the item. So I played push-me pull-me with my torus until I had it the right shape and size.

Next I needed to change the angle. That meant that I would switch from Stretch to Rotate mode. Rotate mode gives you something that looks sphere-ish. LOL. Great technical description, right? I didn’t make a screen shot of this. You’ll have to trust me and use your imagination. Anyway, there are 3 colored lines in a sphere-ish relationship. You move the object along those lines to rotate it and change the angle of orientation. So my bracelet started out flat, but I rotated it to a vertical position. So I had a bracelet floating in space in front of me. I needed to get it on my wrist. That involves Position. Again a little confession. 🙂 I needed to send off an IM inworld to remember about Position. I’d been watching videos before I began creating and KNEW I’d seen how to move an object. I was too lazy to go back and watch the video again. It is definitely a good thing to have friends who build and script!

So when you want to position the object, you have 3 colored lines for orientation. I slid my bracelet along the red line (I think) until it was sitting very nicely on my wrist. 🙂 Tah-Dah!!! One bangle bracelet as desired!!

I still had my script from my Intro to SL class way back in July. (Remember my first prim? rotating, changing colors?) So I attached the changing-color automatically script to my bracelet and off I went to a Grace McDunnough concert, with my brand-new bracelet!!!! I was quite proud. 🙂

The next day I decided that I wanted to try to write my own script to change color. I googled SL scripting and found a site with all the functions and rules and stuff that you need to know to program. Even small examples. I drifted down the hall to get a refresher course in terminology from B. I’d have been shocked at how much I’d forgotten if I weren’t equally relieved at how much I remembered. 🙂

We started discussing how to structure a simple color-change script. And as is the way with us in our office, we went from talking to doing. We started typing out code and because we are both very nit-picky, we couldn’t stick with pseudo-code we started writing proper syntax. 🙂 Well OF COURSE I thought we may as well TRY it. After all, we had what looked to be perfectly good code. It should be tested. LOL. Just like that – all my years of support washed away. Sucked back into the mire of programming. So we added a new script. You can see in the screen shot that we had the original script there (but turned off). We also wrote a script that prompted you to click on a menu option to change the color (also turned off). But our final version was a script that changed the color when someone touched the bracelet. It looked like it should work, but it didn’t seem to work. This confused us. So I sent off some IM’s to inworld friends. They both agreed that the script should work. And indeed, when I tried it again, it did. B and I think we know what was wrong. LOL. It’s the kind of error that most of my early blogs mention. The kind of thing that is so well-known to the SL resident but not always intuitive to the newbie. 🙂 Suffice it to say, our script works, my bracelet changes color when I touch it and I am very very pleased.

We are now taking suggestions for Lesson 2!!!!