Scavenger Hunt!!!

Whoo Hoo!!! My ducks made it to the scavenger hunt!!!! πŸ™‚ As part of the conference social activities, there was a scavenger hunt. The broadcast went out: “Scavenger hunt: I’ll give (prize) to the first person who can tell me where to find one of the following items: a teacup; a swimming duck; an insect playing a tiny violin; etc. “. I LOVE my ducks!!! πŸ™‚ During a break between sessions I took T over to see my ducks swimming in the canal. He, having good taste, also loved my ducks. So he arranged for them to be part of the scavenger hunt. I visit the ducks daily. Finally had to put a rock in so I had some place to sit while I watch them. πŸ™‚

Conference is still going well. Interesting talks, some minor glitches that get handled quickly. Really an amazingly smooth event. And it’s even fun. πŸ™‚

And now for something serious….. Bogirl has posted about a “One belief at a time” workshop. If you find that little setbacks make you angry or frustrated, if you find that you blame others for your emotional state, if you wish to face life with greater calm and control, GO TO THIS WORKSHOP. I learned this approach somewhere somewhen else, and it changed my life. I have never been as happy, relaxed, and confident as I am now, as a result of this kind of technique. Here’s how I was first introduced to this concept. You are driving down the highway. Another driver cuts you off and you narrowly miss having an accident. You:
(1) get angry and curse and scream at the other driver who is obviously an idiot, incompetent, selfish, etc.
(2) you freak and think oh no oh my I could have been killed, that was awful, so terrible, why do these things happen to ME???????
(3) you say “gee, aren’t I a good driver? look at that – there could have been an accident but I was on top of things. I really am a good driver and handled that well.”

Be honest. I know that I looked at my friend as if he was crazy when he posed this question to me. OBVIOUSLY #1 is the right answer. Well. πŸ™‚ It took a looooonnnnng time, but one day, I was driving down the highway and was cut off. I thought “Wow, that could have been bad. Didn’t I do well to avoid THAT?” And I realized what I had managed to achieve (thought-wise, not driving) and I literally laughed out loud. I was so free and happy and light. Go for it folks. You have nothing to lose but a lot of anger and stress and misery. πŸ™‚

Scratching the Virtual Itch

I need to keep this shark moving forward, even if RL is getting in my way.

I work with software developers. We had a meeting this morning to discuss progress since the last checkpoint. We agreed that our “clone” button (don’t ask) could be removed. I asked if we could move it to real life – I NEED a clone. My clone could do all my RL obligations and I could go back to SL. The irony is that I really really LIKE my RL. I like my job, gardening, seeing friends, spending time with family, my pets. But right now they are all simply impediments to what I want to be doing – living my life as Ahuva, in red stilettos with bling. (And that is a direct challenge to my friend Dale’s tirade against bling on Dale’s blog –DaleInnis’s Blog

I need to satisfy my SL addiction. So since I can’t be in SL, I talk about SL. All the time. To everyone. I’ve noticed my coworkers turning quickly and sidling down the hall. My neighbors flee to their porches. My husband has begun working late. My dog no longer greets me at the door. So now I tell everyone else.

I walked into my chiropractic appointment yesterday and the poor man never got to say a word after he said “hello”. When I finally stopped to take a breath he asked me if I thought I had an obsessive personality. I said I prefer to think of myself as an enthusiastic person. Really, people can be SO judgemental. πŸ™‚ He did seem a bit curious, more, i think, because I was so energized than because he thought there was anything in it for him. And that leads me to something else I have been learning/realizing.

Most people seem to have an automatic reflex to disparage something about which they know nothing or which they have never tried (go to my first blog entry and notice that I am firmly in that group). Why do we do that? Do we think it’s a reflection on ourselves somehow? If I’m not doing something but someone else is, do I have to knock it in order to prove to myself I’m not missing out on something? that i’m not wrong? So few people have responded to me and said “Oh wow – that sounds great!”. LOL – that’s another thing I’m realizing – I say “wow” WAY too often!!!! My vocabulary is fairly decent, but I need some new exclamatory remarks. If I ever do another (briefly worded) “Lessons I have learned from SL”, remind me to add that to the list.

I did hear the best excuse for why a friend is NOT going to try SL. And this friend is extremely computer-literate, runs a software company, has the time and money to spend on indulging himself. And yet – NO WAY is he going to try SL. Why? you ask. Because his computer equipment is so old that he doesn’t have an adequate graphics card or processor to run it. And as a matter of principle he will NOT buy a new machine because MS makes it so darn inconvenient to upgrade from one machine to another. LOL. It’s not that he can’t do it. He is protesting on behalf of all the rest of us technologically-impaired users. I suppose he feels if he bought a new one just for gaming he might ultimately be tempted to use it for other things and then – GASP – he might find himself migrating.

Here’s today’s list of questions: How do people have more than one avatar? Do they have to keep rejoining? Do most people retain their original gender? Why do people chose a non-human avatar? Can I garden in SL? How do I get an SL pet? Do people REALLY pay Linden Labs REAL money so that their avatars can become partners? WHY? Are there any unattractive avatars? I’ve only seen beautiful avatars. And don’t tell me beauty is in the eye of the beholder – you KNOW what I mean. Are there deer in SL? groundhogs? If I plant a garden will they eat my flowers? (I was NOT happy in RL this morning.) On a darker note – can/do people hunt in SL? (Do NOT start inundating me about cruelty to animals – I love animals. I just don’t love that they eat my plants. And NO, I do NOT shoot them, trap them or poison them. I just don’t like them very much when they’ve eaten my flowers and herbs.)

The other thing I’m trying to learn is the proper use of tagging. Again, a tip of my hat to Dale. Thank goodness you tagged your blog as “satire” because I was getting very worried. So I need instruction in how to tag. suggestions gratefully appreciated!

(only 4 hours til I can be home and logged on)