Rez Day at the CnP

Why is it that everything happens at once? Not only were there 3 exciting things to do in SL last night, but RL was fairly packed as well. Had a lovely, elegant, romantic day in RL – 🙂 how nice. So I had to cut short my visit to the big rez day celebration going on at the Crown and Pearl. FOUR lovelyrez-day-at-the-cnp ladies were celebrating reaching the grand ol’ age of 2. It appears that there were festivities going on all day. I arrived there in (my) late afternoon to find the party going full swing and well attended by people and a herd of sheep. Yes, a herd of sheep. I’m not quite sure why and of course no one would/could give me a sensible “real” answer, but hey, I’ve learned to simply go with the flow in SL. There was also a large poster of, um, hmmm, male bits. One friend there claimed not to have seen it, and it was gone when I went to point it out, but that poster IS in my photos. So I know that if I am crazy – that’s not why. 🙂 Anyway, I never envisioned myself as a censor, but I did paintbrush that poster so don’t bother zooming in to look.

So here are my pics. I also uploaded some to Flickr. Oh yeah, I upgraded my Flickr account as well thishappy-rez-day-bailey-rrish-and-ari weekend. 🙂 This is turning into quite the expensive hobby. But besides this party, I went to an art opening at the University of Kentucky and to another Shengri La rave. I knew that my basic free Flickr account was never going to handle all of that! LOL. And my RL friends are STILL asking me “What is it you DO there, anyway?” 🙂 Happy Rez Day Bailey D. Bailey L, Aribeth and Rrisha. Bailey D was not there when I was, so I apologize for not having any pics of that Rez Gal.

Here’s a plea for help…. sometimes when I insert my photos into the blog, and I justify them left or right, there is no problem – you can click on them and see the full photo. But other times, like today, once I use the justify option, you can no longer click through to the full photo. Why is that? Does it have something to do with the picture being surrounded by text? Thanks!!!