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Help From Siri

Well. Siri came through for us last night. The first time I ever had to call her and ask for real-time assistance. We had driven into the city for a concert. We were a bit later than I’d planned and the parking garage I’d intended to use was full. I’d not printed out any other possible locations, it was getting close to concert time, it was raining. I grabbed the phone and called Siri.

Ahuva: Siri, I need parking garages near where I am.
pause while my husband looks at me as if I am crazy (crazier than he already thinks I am)
Siri: I have found several parking lots near where you are.
phone displays list of addresses, including one on the next street
Ahuva: Touch the first one on the list and figure out which streets it’s between.

*grin* As it happens, that lot was full but it had a LIVE PERSON standing at the entry and he said there was space at the one 2 blocks over.

We parked, made the concert in time, even including beverages, and had a FANTASTIC Surfin’ Safari evening. Just remember you need to keep Siri charged if you want her to have the energy to handle such requests.

Siri Gives Advice

I have been laughing since the new iPhone came out. It has an AI assistant named “Siri”. Hah! One of my CATS is named Siri. Siri (“seryi”) is Russian for gray. And my beautiful 10-year-old Siri is gray. Somewhere in her lineage there must be a Russian Blue cat, because Siri has that plush thick gray fur typical of a Russian Blue.

Hamlet Au posted his dissatisfaction with how Apple’s Siri answered the question: What is the meaning of life?

MY Siri doesn’t like EITHER answer that Hamlet showed. MY Siri says the meaning of life is very simple: Food. Naps. Cuddles. More Food. Purrrrrrr.

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