Finally made it to SL tonight and it was ssssllllllooooooooowwww. I was IM’ing with 3 others and everyone had the same issue. Made it very hard to enjoy.

Tonight’s frustrations:
1. Machine crashed first time tried to load SL.
2. Ahuva was hairless.
3. Her hair wasn’t anywhere in the inventory – not in body, not in library. totally aggravating.
4. My hope that this was simply my machine’s inability to rez was dashed upon meeting someone else who confirmed that indeed, I had no hair. Sigh. So I donned my “barbie” hair. 🙂
5. Tried to IM Melissa (who was online) but she wasn’t answering.

I think I figured out why I lost my hair. I think that when I saved the whole outfit the other day, I forgot to check the box for hair. When I changed out of my “all dressed up and no place to go outfit” i loaded the other outfit. but it didnt have hair. major oversight. I also finally found my original hair (yet again). I got smarter this time. I put on my hair, saved the WHOLE outfit (i hope). then i made a copy of the hair into another folder. so with any luck, if i need it, i’ll find it more easily.

And I’m supposed to learn to put on new skins? You’ve got to be kidding.

And for all of you who are concerned that I will slip into SL and never emerge:
As long as it’s summer and there is sun, there is a garden that needs weeding, and my machine stinks, I don’t think you have too much to worry about. 🙂

In Awe of Chestnut

I was directed to this wonderful website – someone blogging about her life in SL.
Secondlife of Dreams

I liked her recent posts so much that I went back to her very first entries. She too is intrigued by the impact RL has on SL and SL on RL.

And I realize I have no idea what SL is about. So far all I’ve done is get dressed. Apparently there is music, there are parties, there is more social interaction and TALK than I have yet found. It’s time to move out of my beach chair and the dressing room and find the world.