What Happens at SLCC, Stays…

in our hearts. Okay. That is totally corny, I know. But it would be oh so wrong to say that what happened at SLCC, stays at SLCC, despite my goofing around in Plurk and insisting that that IS my story and I’m sticking to it. *grin*

By now everyone else has begun posting about their experiences at SLCC 2010 and most of those bloggers have been far more articulate and to the point than I will be. So don’t expect much in the way of brilliant insights HERE. Certainly Prokofy Neva has what I think is a VERY good description and analysis of what went on. Dale Innis’s description of how it felt and schedule changes and why meeting SL friends in the atomic world is really wonderful, speaks for me as well. Although Dale’s bit about alcohol does NOT apply to me. 🙂 Chestnut Rau mentions the power of how meeting people “in the flesh” so to speak, so very strongly impacts the way we view their avatars and our future relationships. And yeah, she’s right about Philip. *grin* Fleep Tuque posted a slide show! (I’m in it!!!!)

It was great. I had a wonderful time, I’m so glad I went. I am STILL trying to recover from the sleep deprivation. When I first started keeping crazy hours in SL, I was taught that SL REALLY means “Sleep Less”, not whatever other words may or may not be copyrighted. 🙂 So SLCC means Sing, Laugh, Chat Continuously.

So let’s see…. I said I hoped to get renewed if I went. *grin* I suspect that even after I catch up on my sleep, this crazy happy excitement will continue. Philip DID come in person. That was great. Philip had retired before I rezzed. That means that my entire SL experience has occurred during the reign of M. Until the return of Philip. Now I begin to understand the whole mystique that jazzed up everyone when he came back. He is charisma in a human shape. I hope that he can accomplish as substantial tangible success with SL on this go-round as he does with people’s emotions.

It was interesting and useful to hear announcements from the Lab and get feedback immediately from all the different people around me. The buzz after announcements about the teen grid, SLE, mesh, avatar limits, scrum and the rest… wow. Mostly what I realized is how lazy I am and so I am neither sufficiently informed nor experienced to grasp the nuances as quickly as so many others can and did.

I loved meeting/hearing so many of the bloggers I’ve read. Although I spent a good part of my last 2 years at work supporting meetings in virtual worlds, sometimes you simply MUST meet face to face, breathing the same air, not just viewing through a camera.

To my great amazement, my work project that I thought was pretty much over, may indeed still have a little life left. *grin* I have been asked to forward the video to some folks. I got an offer of assistance (hardware kind of stuff) from a coworker. I think that maybe I listened to the wrong presentations. Or maybe I need to go back and view the videos of sessions I missed. I was following the Opensource and Business tracks. At lunch on Sunday, 3 younger folk sat down and talked about their work in education. I think that they had a lot of information and attitude that would have helped and might still help me as I attempt to develop tools for use in virtual worlds.

Meeting my existing friends, making new friends….. aw c’mon folks. You all know how wonderful that is. What more can I say? I met so many people that I’d never have met in my normal SL travels. I have new names in my friends list. And wonderful glowing memories of good times. Sitting about chatting, dancing to music, listening to the talks, laughing and being silly, giving myself over to being only Ahuva and not worrying too much about atomic world issues for a bit. I loved dressing up (or maybe my mother would think I was dressing down, I’m not sure…..) I LOVED finding and wearing Ahuva shoes. OMG – I LOVED dancing. And don’t forget: what happened at SLCC, STAYS at SLCC. *grin* There is one of you, oh person who walks the halls late at night and hears things like “you never saw us and we never saw you”, who seems to be trying to defy that edict!!! *ROFL*

My thanks to all of you who humored me and partied with me and talked seriously with me. It was grand to be among hundreds of people who also believe in and love SL.

SLCC 2010

I’m heading to Boston this weekend for SLCC. I’ve swung back and forth from great excitement to “why am I bothering?”. My dear friend Chestnut is worrying about meeting SL friends in our atomic form. *grin* Ah, sweetie – you are beautiful, inside and out. If you wore a paperbag over your head – your beauty shines through. We love you. It will be okay. I promise.

I was extremely excited about going from a professional point of view. I hoped to meet folks with whom I shared the interest and passion for building and developing in virtual worlds. I’m still looking forward to meeting those people, but that does not appear to be the career path down which my feet will be walking. Maybe those folk will rekindle my enjoyment of building. Unfortunately I let that slip to the side as I focused on other avenues.

I was extremely excited about meeting Philip Linden. I am disappointed that he won’t be there in person, but I am so glad that he has the sense to make his family a priority. That increases my respect for him. I was already impressed by him from his talk the other day. Again – I was hoping that meeting him would fan my faded enthusiasm for things virtual.

I was also somewhat reluctant to tie my virtual self to my physical reality. I’m not sure why. I only once met someone in SL who scared me. Someone who I thought might stalk me, harm me, wish me ill. Considering all of the people I have met in just over 2 years, that’s not a bad percentage. I have offered to meet so many SL friends for real. I HAVE met SL friends for real. Yes, the first time I did that WAS scary. But you know what? It was wonderful. We were still us. *grin* We were in RL as we were in SL. It was grand.

So now the clock is ticking. The day is approaching. And I find that I am becoming more and more excited. (LOL – this is probably a case of cognitive dissonance, but hey, what the heck. It’s working FOR me.)

I am VERY excited about seeing my friends, meeting new friends. I have come to realize that, for the most part, I am in SL for the social networking. I suspect that is a very déclassé admission. I loved Dusan Writer’s post about the dots on the grid. Unless I am at a music event or a friend has dropped in (or I am on a Midnight Mania board run), I tend to come inworld, make myself comfy in my sky box, and chat. One lone green dot who is not alone.

I am looking forward to meeting Dusan Writer and hearing him speak. I’m looking forward to hearing many of the other presenters as well. There is a difference between hearing and seeing someone speak and merely hearing them.

This last will come as no surprise to those of you who know me. I can’t wait to party with everyone. *grin* I am looking forward to the avatar ball Saturday night, when we can let out all our SL’ness. Okay, maybe let out a LOT of our SLness, not all of it. *grin* I have had my few weeks of introverted respite. I am ready to don my extroverted self, my Ahuva kick-butt shoes, and dance the night away.

Can’t wait to see you there!