Sledding at Atrum Complexo

Back in December most people were blogging about great winter scenes and holiday exhibits and fantastical snow scenes. I made notes of places to visit when I had the time. January has been spent catching up on the sight-seeing. *grin* Or would that be “site-seeing”? One of the posts showed a North Pole Sleigh Ride. I did save that link, but either my timing was off or the picture didn’t actually match that slurl. I dragged Lalo with me to explore the North Pole. We were greeted quite warmly for such a snowy place: North Pole Greeter V2: “Psssst! Over here! It’s me, Santa’s favorite elf! Welcome to Atrum Complexo! Hop on a sleigh, cuddle up in your blanket. North Pole Greeter V2 gave you ‘Hot Cocoa’ We didn’t find a SLEIGH ride, but we DID find a SLED!

I jumped on first so I got to drive. Lalo seemed a bit perturbed when I took us THROUGH the tree instead of around it. Pfffft. One tree, what’s the big deal? But it’s very hard to take pictures AND drive, so I agreed to let Lalo steer instead. I admit, he did better than I. At first…..

*grin* Anyway, we had a lovely time sledding. There are some not-nice-neighbors who have a security system with a faulty timer. I got a message that I had 20 seconds to evacuate. I’d not even finished reading that when it kicked me home. No, it didn’t take me 20 seconds to read. Other than those neighbors and our dunk in the water (I REALLY don’t want to hear about the tree anymore), we had fun and hot cocoa! I’d suggest checking it out soon, as I don’t know how long it may be there.