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Here They Come!


IMG_0274 (1)It’s happening!!! It’s really happening! Spring is on its way here! I have 3 bags of bulbs sitting in the front hall. Alert to my sister: 15 of the gladiolas are for YOU! Maybe if you’re REALLY nice I’ll let you have a few of the 9 canna lilies also. But I really love my cannas. I’m NOT sharing the dahlias – get your own. *grin*

Just 2 weeks ago there was snow on the ground and the little green shoots were being brave and pushing through. Now there is gorgeous sunshine and the snow is gone and everyone has room to stretch and grow.

All together now: PHOTOSYNTHESIZE!!!


Where Do I Log My Complaint?

weather report
This HAS to stop. This is WAY too cold for June. I’m cold. I’m tired of gray skies. I don’t mind the rain so much but could we kick the temperature up by 15 degrees???

Oh well, I suppose it could be worse. I could be having frost warnings like some people I know…..

Longing for Spring

growling gray skies
cold rain lashing the windows
spring hides below ground


Finally. Some signs that winter WILL finally end. This one has been very difficult, in many different ways. Today it is raining AGAIN. We had 2 inches of rain earlier this week. Today they are forecasting 3-4 inches more. Flooding for sure. At least it’s not snow, right? Here’s to spring and sun and warmth and wanting to wake up in the morning.

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