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Are you superstitious? Do you believe in karma? Jinxes? The evil eye? Kinehora (kayn ayin hara)? If you talk about a good thing, will you strengthen the possibility of that thing happening, or will you jinx it?

I suppose one might say I’m verging on a discussion of the power of prayer. That actually was NOT my intent. *grin* It was only as I typed the above that I realized the conversation could go there. Of course I have at least 2 friends who would be disgusted at THAT concept. And yes, they both read my blog, although one of them only sporadically. Maybe as often as he meets me for lunch. Which hasn’t happened in AGES because he’s ALWAYS busy. Hmmmm. Should I take that personally? Of course I also have friends who believe in the power of prayer. I can be an equal-opportunity friend. 🙂 I believe in the power of prayer, but I believe the power is in the pray’er and not where the prayer is directed. And I could be mistaken. 🙂 As I said, a whole other discussion.

If I heard about something that would be (probably) a “good thing” were it to happen, should I be telling everyone and anyone because the more people thinking positively, the more the karma builds in the “ether” (or wherever it is karma builds)? Or should I shut my mouth, try to scrub it from my thoughts, because – kinehora.

A watched pot never boils? Good things come to those who wait? Every dog has its day?

Life can be so complicated. 🙂

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