Heard At The Water Cooler

Folks begin to gatherThe rumor is that Mr. Telling is going to relocate. The current location has been fine, and the local staff has been great, but some functionality would be better addressed in a different location. Emspar has been working on that today. Nothing new really to report about it, other than it’s being investigated. I bet free coffee will still be included. *grin* Do you think we could lobby for complimentary chocolate too? Other than that, today was quiet. Lalo and Emspar got a chance to relax together and rest up.

The GatheringI went out on a road-trip assignment last night. I wasn’t able to be with Lalo to light the Chanukiah, so I can’t give you the shot of Night 3. But I did get the chance to celebrate with some of Lalo’s friends in SL. I got inworld in time to head to Edloe for the candle lighting. I don’t take very good photos – I don’t have the patience to set up lighting and angle and all. So the really good shots are by Honour. 🙂 The one where the lighting is poor is by me (don’t want to taint Honour’s reputation with my (lack of) skill.

The LightingWhen I say “Lalo’s friends in SL”, you need to know that it wasn’t just SL friends. Many of the InWorldz folk came in too, so that we could all be together in Lalo’s honor. We lit the candles, said the prayers, and then raised a toast to Lalo. So, Mr. Telling, if your ears (whether furry,pointed avatar ears or rounded humanoid ears) were burning last night, it was because we were toasting you. Gee Lalo – you should hear all the nice things we say about you. 🙂 We’re not quite as witty as you or as quick with a pun, but we did our best to do as you’ve taught us. *grin*

The ToastingChanukiah lighting takes place in InWorldz at 4:30pm SLT on Nova sim. Wizzy has set up a healing garden on Lalo’s Inworldz parcel where you can rez: Takamaka/51/204/22. Chanukiah lighting takes place in SL on Edloe at 5:00pm SLT at Edloe/188/205/48.

Bamboo says Happy 3rd Night!Lalo and Emspar appreciate all the love and good wishes you are sending. I’ll do my best to keep this blog posted with information daily, even if it’s just to say nothing much new to say. /me heads off to clean the white boards, sharpen the pencils, clean the coffee cups.

Candle lighting crowd (and please forgive me if I’ve missed a name – I’m relying on my chat log): Feline Slade, Honour McMillan, Chestnut Rau, Orchid Jameson, Crap Mariner, Explorer Dastardly, Maxwell Graf, Wizard Gynoid, Leanna Caerndow, Jim Tarber, Victoria Lenoirre, Pearlygurlee Ducatillon, AlexHayden Junibalya, Astra Thorne, Luna Jubilee