Rez Day Bookends

Started the week with a rezday (Lalo’s) and ended the week with a rezday – Marx’s. They both turned FOUR. Wow. *grin* Sooooo much older than I. 🙂 Marx spun the tunes for us and we all gathered at The Listening Room, now in its new location in Edloe. Besides the fun of the tunes Marx played and the good-natured and, occasionally, erudite, banter, I got to see some friends I’ve not seen in AGES. Had a nice long chat with someone, which is always good for the soul.

Treyf Night

In hindsight, I think I know what triggered last evening’s crazies. I think it was a tweet about the latest food craze overseas – stimulating the tentacles of a dead squid so that it appears the squid is dancing on your plate. I’m not overly fond of squid, alive or dead. I’m sure that they serve some important place in the scheme of things. But I KNOW I do not want to see a squid dancing. Well, I THOUGHT I knew I didn’t want to see a squid dancing. But as he has in so many other things, Crap Mariner made me view this subject in a different light as well.

I was late getting inworld. I was observing rituals in my 1040 organic life. When I arrived at The Listening Room, all APPEARED normal. Marx was DJ’ing, folks were dancing. “Normal” did not last, alas, as suddenly Crap metamorphed into a giant squid. He was still very considerate – keeping his tentacles to one side of the room, not swiping anyone off the dance floor.

I’m pretty boring, one might even say conservative. I don’t often totally lose it and go silly. But it had been a hard week. I wanted to retain the good feeling I managed to achieve earlier. Seeing Crap’s squid reminded me of my octopus hat. So I put it on and passed one to Lalo, who also wore it. I decided that the rule is against EATING treyf. I don’t recall any rule against wearing it. I offered the hat to others in the room and to my amusement and shock – many folk wanted an octopus on their head. Let’s not go there, okay?

So we danced and waved our tentacles about. Cip had the brilliant idea of modding her octopus, changing it into several brilliant colors before settling on a lovely spring pattern. I followed her lead, but chose a slightly more conservative polka dot (simply because I couldn’t figure out what other textures I had that might work). Mari joined the party with her own flair. Cip eventually changed from octopus to fish. Of course the super hero had a matching Octopus – wouldn’t do to CLASH. 🙂

I think that we have the makings of a new rock group: Tiger and the Tentacles. What do you think? I can just see them doing Motown moves. *grin* You never really know WHAT will happen at The Listening Room. Come check it out on Friday nights for good music and sushi.

Belly Dancing

It’s interesting how traditional dance can suit modern music. I was at The Listening Room Friday night, where Guenevere was spinning the tunes for us. Of course I don’t remember which song it was, but someone remarked how a belly dance seemed appropriate for the tune. I wondered aloud if I had such an animation in my inventory. Marx Dudek said that she did and loaded up her HUD and invited me to join her. I changed outfits to fit the movement (*grin* any excuse to play “dress-up”). Marxie stayed in modern-day attire and you know what? Bunnehs look GOOD belly dancing in blue jeans. *grin* Another fun evening with friends at TLR!

Glad We’re All Still Here

The world didn’t end this past weekend. I’m not surprised, I must say. I didn’t really think that it would. I am willing to admit, however, that, like Horatio, my philosophy probably doesn’t cover all permutations. I enjoyed all the planning for Rapture parties, Rapture events, Rapture contests. Now that it’s too late, it occurs to me that I should have kept track of all the different ways people linked their favorite hobbyhorses to the impending Rapture. The one that caught MY attention was the music. Everyone made lists of the “appropriate” songs to play at a Rapture party.

Marx Dudek tweeted that there would be a Rapture Sendoff party at the Listening Room. People began tweeting their suggestions for a play list. There were songs I love, songs I hate, songs with which I was unfamiliar, songs I’d forgotten I’d heard. I knew it was going to be a great time. I got there a little late, coming from another musical event. The Listening Room had been redecorated in honor of the occasion. Several of us got comfortable on Hobbes while others danced or sat. The first song up was “Helter Skelter” and we never looked back.

For what it’s worth, I think that the whole Rapture frenzy was the result of improper enunciation. *I* think that the original announcement was about a Rap tour that would be taking place. I realized this Saturday afternoon while I was in the city. There they were – rappers on the corner of 6th and 42nd, performing for the crowd. At that moment enlightenment struck me (better that than an errant taxi) and I realized yet again how important it is to practice proper diction.