Walk Along the River

ready to motor Sometimes the obvious stares me in the face for ages and ages before I see it. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and water and scenery. If you were reading the Transcontinental Tales posts, you have probably figured that out already. I like to take pictures, I like to share them, I have a blog where I can post…. Well okay, I can post my photos to my blog!!! Major revelation. *grin*

The week after I returned home there was a festival in the neighboring town. My husband and I walked there and walked along the Raritan River to the festival. canal during festivalPart of the old Delaware Canal is still in existence here and we walked back along the towpath. There were ducks and a heron and seagulls and fish. I tried to take pictures of the heron but it was on the far side of the river and my camera (my iPhone) was insufficient to the task. Or perhaps it was the photographer. Always a possibility. 🙂 I am sparing you the blurred pics of a white against brown.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day with bright sunshine and warmth and people were smiling and having a great time. Oh, well, except for the man on the stage at the festival who was spouting hate and rage. I didn’t hear him (I’m getting quite good at selective hearing) but my husband listened (of course) and he pointed out to me what was being said. beside a rockSigh. Looking at the faces we passed, I think most people were in much too good a mood to be roused to anger at that moment.

It was a good walk – maybe 2 miles all told. We’ve walked into town before to go to dinner. It feels like “oh my what a long walk” but everytime we actually walk the trip we are surprised by how close it is. *smile* NOT in bad weather, however. Then it IS too far too walk. Especially over the bridge. Have I ever told you about my bridge phobia? The Delaware Memorial bridge is the “bridge of my nightmares” for one set of bridge-nightmare. The Raritan River bridge is yet another. *grin* But I’ll leave those details for another time.

I hope you enjoy these photos. They are nothing spectacular, only happy memories of a lovely walk along the river.
ducks on a shady river

calm river

river flower

reflections on the water