Twisted Isle Opens

/me sings: I’d like to be, under the sea…. That seems to be where some of the best InWorldz parties take place – under the sea! I’m not sure if it’s a deliberate choice on Soror Nishi’s part or if, as some speculated yesterday, she has a severe plumbing problem on that sim. *grin* As Soror posted this past week, she has opened a new build in InWorldz: Twisted Isle. I was able to make the opening party and am so very glad I did.

I remembered to download the latest Imprudence Experimental viewer, so this time I had sound, unlike the last party I attended there. 🙂 Megan Cline was DJ’ing the party. She is GREAT!!!! I LOVE her choice of music – it’s “my” music. She told me that she owns a venue in IW called The Pit, and plays a lot of this genre there. You KNOW I will have to be rezzing in IW more often now. There were things that I needed to do in RL but everytime I thought “i’ll logoff now”, Megan put on another fantastic tune. and I had to stay. 🙂 My only regret is that I have no izzies and so I couldn’t tip her. 😦 Believe me – she definitely deserved a generous tip.

Soror’s build, or at least what I saw of it, looks haunting and intriguing and mysterious. You can see the paths leading off in the deep. She’s created objects especially for this build. For all you IW homeowners out there, Soror has a shop at the build and you can purchase some of these cool objects for yourself. I didn’t have time to go exploring through the build, although I did a bit of camming about. But Soror says that camming is not the best way to experience it as “there is a bit of a soundscape that alters as you move around the build.” I plan on going back when there is no party to distract me. It’s your own fault, Soror – if you’re going to throw great parties, you have to understand that people don’t want to wander off. *grin*

I think that I may have to download the Firestorm viewer. I was having a lot of lag and a LOT of confusion because I am so used to V2. And I LIKE V2. One of the reasons I can’t provide much of the fun chit-chat that was occurring yesterday is because I didn’t have my preferences set to record local chat. Sigh. I forgot that each new viewer requires that I double-check my settings. I was having problems with my camera also – a lot of lag in responses there. I’m not sure what was happening with that. I had a moment’s panic when I couldn’t find the photos I’d taken. The pics are not great, but at least they give some idea of how things looked. If you want to see really GOOD portrait shots from the party, check out Soror’s post. I see she didn’t include any shots of herself, but she looked great, per usual. I love her skirt!!! I’m going to have to get izzies so I can tip and shop.

You can see that avatars in IW are as interesting and personal as they are in any other world. I love a life where I dance with a giant squid and octopuses one night and winged lions the next. I’m having a lot of fun meeting the folks in IW. Certainly the folks I have met are intelligent and funny and love to party. What’s not to like?