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Morning Rant

I HATE computers!  Let me restate that:  i really HATE computers!!!  I am sitting here at home with THREE laptops on the table in front of me. NONE of them will do 100% of what I want.  And to top it off, I tried to remote desktop into my office to get some early morning work done. I am locked out of my account!!!!!  Now when I finally get in to the office I’m going to have to figure out how to get that fixed and my usual technical support is out this week!!!  I HATE computers and everything to do with them!!!  I was a liberal arts major – ancient history!!  HOW did I end up in a job where I do support for computers, surrounded by developers and others who think computers are “cool”?  HOW did I end up where I want to pursue a hobby that not only takes place on a computer but requires networks and communications and filters???

I may owe MSC an apology.  I think I was blaming it for problems that my ISP was causing.  (Oh what a surprise THAT is – I also hate and despise my cable company!!!  and that started BEFORE my internet connection.)  Thanks to Dale who sent me some debugging info from SL.  It appears that I am suffering packet loss.  LOL.  I ask you – packet loss??  Do you think Livy and Tacitus had to worry about packet loss???  Apparently to fix packet loss you need to deal with your internet service provider (ISP – see – I know I have readers who have no more clue about this stuff than I).  That’s my cable company.  You can’t even reach a human being at that place!!!!  I’m trying to figure out if I can dump this on my husband.  You know – whine and complain and sigh until he agrees to call them and tell them to FIX IT.   🙂   Or do I have to let him off the hook since he already bought me this gorgeous new laptop?   🙂    I have NO intention of returning this beauty, even if the issues were all due to dropped packets.  The resolution on this is phenomenal.  Just gorgeous.

So that’s what’s ahead of me today….. grrrrr.  Hoping that when I finally get to work I can get THAT machine unlocked.  Hoping that my coworkers can interpret all the tracing and debugging I did last night and they can tell me what it is exactly I need to see to the cable company.  Hoping I can get software off MSC and move it to the new beauty.

And I still need to tell you why Pride is just Lust with different makeup!

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