Rigging the Jury

Another “True Confession”: I’ve never served on a jury. I have gotten the notice a few times, but all times but one, when I called the recording I was told I didn’t need to report. That one time I made it upstairs to the courtroom, but they filled the jury and alternates before I even got to answer a question. But yesterday I was summoned to court to serve. (If you want to know HOW that happens in SL – summonses are served via Plurk.)

It was a fascinating experience. You can read all the details on Honour’s post. I admit – what I heard there was shocking. Who KNEW that such things happened in SL???? (Apparently Everybody knew, but you need to read the trial proceedings for the inside story.) On the other hand, I got to see notables up close: the High Priced Counsel SeanMcPherson Senior (wow, I could NEVER afford HIS rates!), the reknowned prosecuting attorney Second Lie (I’d recognize HIM anywhere) and Gertrude, who usually is the court-appointed defense attorney. The Second Life Halls of Justice are as beautiful and impressive in person as they are in photos. My fellow jurors and I were quite honored to be part of such a momentous SL event, and to be present when Chief Justice McArtherops handed down the verdict.