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The Pressure Mounts

Oh, wow. You folks never give me a chance to rest on my laurels, do you????? Can’t I savor my little victories before the bar gets raised AGAIN???? LOL. Thanks – I LOVE you all. I haven’t felt this alive in years.

Chestnut – thanks for the terminology! For sure that’s one way I give away my newbie status – every time I open my mouth! If you find an SL dictionary PLEASE send it along. From now on, I will Rez instead of materialize or “wink in and out”. 🙂

Dale – I’ll do it, I’ll do it. I promise. Well, I promise about the picture. I make no promises about clever words.

WireGuy – HEY!!! I followed the WordPress instructions. Like you think i KNEW i was putting in a link as opposed to putting the gif in directly???? i’ll be over to discuss this very soon….. you’ve been warned.

Melissa – You say “What’s the prim FOR????” I guess I wasn’t clear about meeting goals and challenges and baby steps. So let me try this instead, just for YOU:

What’s if FOR??? Dahling, it’s ART!!!! The rotating, color-changing, bubble-textured prim is my 3-d representation of “The Vicissitudes of Life”. It doesn’t do anything. It sits there as ART, a commentary on reality.

Does that work? 🙂

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