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Dashing Through the Snow

It seems to be winter. The last few days have been in the 30s F around my house. Windy. I’ve been weatherproofing and bringing out the humidifiers. The cats and dog seem to be napping closer to the radiators and fireplace. I love the change of seasons. I love the change. *grin* Often by the end of a particular season I’m MORE than ready for it to change. Certainly winter tends to stick around a bit too long for my taste. If it’s going to be winter, I want WINTER. Snow. Cold. Snuggle. Fire in the fireplace. Comfort food. Good friends, good drink, good times. Spare me the gray, dismal, cold rain, and the 40s and the dreariness. Winter or go away.

In SL, I get winter the way it SHOULD be. Snow. Sledding. Horses’ steamy breath. I met up with my friend B the other night at Shiro Castle. We both needed to run and run and run the week’s stresses away. Well, my knees aren’t what they were, so I let B do the running. I dressed up in winter fantasy clothing. Bamboo and I hopped into the sleigh and cheered B on as we raced about.

There were other horses about and B stopped to exchange greetings. We saw a foal. *smile* Lots of snorting and stomping and neighs and tail swishing. It was a wonderfully relaxing ride.

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