Winter Weekend

My rowing machine came this week. Yay! It seems that maybe the last lingering effects of the smoke inhalation have left. Bigger YAY! So when I woke up this morning, I knew it was time to get back in shape. I warmed up on the treadmill (thank you knees for cooperating) and then sat down to row. Oh, I LOVE it! I think it’s been 4 months since I last rowed, but I was able to do a decent workout. Even managed to have energy left for the weights. *grin* Fantastic.

Since my atomic self was feeling fit, I decided my digital self needed to do the same. I used the oft-maligned “Search” for ‘rowing machine’. It is very curious what gets returned. But among the oddities was one that made sense: YuNi Bike Shop in Blanc. Yes, it sells motorcycles, but the upstairs has exercise equipment. Treadmill, free weights, back extensions, rowing machine and other such gym equipment are offered for sale. They even have arm-wrestling! The rowing machine is by Yuriko Nishi, and although it’s a slightly different model than the one I found at Amazon, it seems to work just fine! I need to update my wardrobe, however. I need a good headband to keep the hair out of my face. I also need better gloves for working out – I had to use my good riding gloves. So if you know of any stores selling such, please let me know!

After the workout, it was obviously time to relax. I’m not sure why, maybe pity, but both Honour and Oura gave me presents this week. Honour found an adorable elephant chair that she said was made for me. She is right – I love it. Even better, it comes with a baby elephant, so that Bamboo can have his own chair. The elephants are from Kurotsubaki in Drowsy. The store is adorable and worth a visit. There were many cute items there, including a basket of fresh bread. I love bread. 🙂

Oura gave us ponies. Little stuffed pony dolls, but cuddly adorable ponies nonetheless. Bamboo and I had a bit of a ‘discussion’ over which of us got the black and white pony, but he now seems content with his pink and blue one. The ponies are from Altya’s in Archers. Altya’s is another store full of delightful and weird objects. Our Jarhead Unibike avatars are from Altya’s. Bamboo and I relaxed by the fire with our ponies, eating warm rolls, drinking coffee. Ahhh, such a pleasant winter’s morn.