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Celebrating a Blues Man

It has been a few months since Bear Rasmuson passed away. Many of the SL Blues clubs where he would DJ still display his poster. We remember him often, talk about him, toast his memory. In that way, Bear still lives because he lives in us. This Friday his good friend Callipygian Christensen is holding a benefit in his memory. Here is the information.


Friday November 11th
4 PM SLT – midnight (or later)
at Calli’s place, just down the hill from Bear’s SL home.

4 – 5 PM Calli will have the stream playing blues, come on over, throw down a blanket on the lawn, have a picnic
5 – 6 PM Ziffy Zarf – live music
6 – 7 PM Kyle Bronsdon – live music
7 – 8 PM DickPinelli
8 – 9 PM Calli Christensen
9 – 10 PM Fiery Otaared
10 – ? Bard Wasp – slow blues

Please join us – whether for a few minutes or a few hours – to celebrate a man who touched so many of us so deeply; not to mourn, but to share the bond he created among us using what he loved – the blues.
Bear was my friend for many years and I know this is how he would like to be remembered- not with crying, not with drama, not with dancing girls dressed like him performing as a tribute band – just with an evening of blues lovers sharing the blues and helping a good cause in the process.

Bear left us in June, and at the time many of you asked where you could send donations in his memory. His son asked me to choose a blues-related charity that Bear would have approved of, and arrange whatever activity in-world that I felt appropriate. Talking with Fiery, another of Bear’s friends, we decided to arrange a celebration of Bear – a full evening of the blues he loved, with all donations and tips raised donated to The Blues Foundation – HART Fund in his name.

From their website: “The HART fund provides assistance to Blues musicians and their families in times of great financial need due to medical emergencies. Donations to the HART Fund are dedicated 100% to artist relief efforts … and have been used to pay medical bills, obtain needed medical care and assist with funeral expenses.” Bear often commented on how many blues musicians struggled with poverty, health care issues etc and I feel this is a foundation he would have appreciated receiving a donation in his name.

You can find more information about the Foundation and the HART Fund here: If you can’t join us, but wish to contribute to the donation in his name, contact Callipygian Christensen for information on how to donate. I will be matching L$25,000 donated, and so will Fiery – so potentially 100,000 lindens for a great cause. Bear would be proud šŸ™‚

Heat – Canned and Virtual

Ahhh. Decompression time. You know that time. It happens AFTER you survive the commute home from the office, check the mail, the phone, feed the pets, check the emails that arrived while you were driving and BEFORE you have dinner and talk to other family members in a calm, civil manner. Some days decompression happens more easily than others. When Ziffy Zarf is playing the blues, decompression time almost turns me back into a human being. *grin*

Ziff was at Key West the other evening, playing solo. Sometimes he partners with Guitar Southpaw or others. But he was at Key West, I was basking in the heat of the virtual setting sun and Ziffy was playing Canned Heat. I probably should have rezzed either a cool ale or some fruity rum drink to complete the picture. It never occurred to me because Ziffy was more than sufficient to put a smile back on my face and still the inner frenzy.

Key West is a lovely venue and Ziffy Zarf is a fun entertainer. Check them out. /me hums Going Up The Country

Now Comes Music Time

Bleached the basement floor.
Bleached the basement steps.
Started getting some laundry done now that I can move in the basement.
Cleared the deck of branches and leaves and debris.
Got the lawn cut (hah! I did the trim by what used to be flowers, and hired someone to cut the rest)
Left a message with the cleanup company. Oh – guess it’s time to do that again.
Spoke to the township about when/how to dispose of the carpet lining my driveway.

My brain isn’t working. I stare at text glassy-eyed, trying to make sense of what I’m seeing. I hurt from an injury and from all the lugging and dragging. I’m still exhausted. I have a non-stop headache. Not only from all this flood-nonsense and the physical pain, but from the ceaseless sound of fans blowing in the basement. And from the construction behind me at my neighbor’s house. Right now heaven would be a long peaceful nap in a very very tranquil environment.

So at the end of the day, I did what I could to relax. I headed to Buddy’s Bar to hear Ziffy Zarf and Guitar Southpaw play that country rock and blues. Bliss. My favorite moment came when they segued into a great rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and then segued into Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”. Absolutely great. At that point I had enough energy to deal with more laundry and feed the animals and feed myself. I keep forgetting to eat. And yet I’m not losing weight. Sigh. Then back into SL for BigJim Allerhand and Tabasco at Club CTO at Marathon Caye. CTO is Cranston Yordstorm’s club. I got there a little early for BigJim and Tabasco and discovered that Cranston is an VERY fine singer, rocking the place with swing tunes. From there to Fogbound where Callipygian Christensen was DJ’ing.

After that music infusion, I was able to sleep a bit. Because, of course, there’s always tomorrow.

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