Happy Rez Day, Daez!

I try to mention rez day parties in advance, but this one was a SURPISE!!!! Daez turned 4 the other day (I know she HATES that I mentioned that but I have LOTS of friends who are WAAAAAAAY older – believe me. I have ONE friend who is… omg… 6. And another who rezzed in Dec 2004. So you are YOUNG!)

Dz wanted to make the day very very special for Daez and planned many wonderful things, among them a surprise party at The BluJnz Blu club in Honey Harbour. Noma Falta, Rocker Extraordinaire, rocked us for a solid hour. There is nothing as much fun as Noma partying, laughing and joking and teasing the guest of honor.

It wouldn’t be a dance party if we weren’t dancing on Daez’s hud. Daez has the best assortment of dances and knows how to match dance to tune flawlessly. I need to start taking videos instead of stills, so you can see the great dancing.

As part of her surprises, Dz had a slide show of pics running on the stage. To my great delight, she included one with me, with us both wishing Daez a happy rez day!

*MWUAH* Daez!! Love you love you love you!!!! You are a very important part of my SL. Happy rez day, and thanks for being part of my life! ❤

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