Life Lesson #43

My Nana used to say that every cloud had a silver lining. That’s the kind of saying that can make you crazy, but often there is much truth in it. Many years ago I suffered a life tragedy – the sort of thing no one ever expects and yet…. it happens. I can say now with hindsight that there was more than one silver lining to that particularly dark and miserable cloud. One ray of light was the therapist I met. It took years (literally) but I finally learned much ( a lot? most? some?) of what Howard was trying to teach me. Remind me some day to tell you about the car example. *grin*

I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be angry. I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be jealous. I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be fearful. Guess what? You can unlearn that kind of behavior. I’m going to credit Howard, but I’m also going to credit my long-time manager Eric.

It does NOT diminish me to praise or credit others.

Not only do they feel good, but YOU will feel good as well when you praise others. Instead of diminishing you, it actually inflates your reputation. Yep. People see you as confident, capable and honest. Do not take this to mean that you should never take credit for your work. No, no, no. But…. if someone else helped you, acknowledge them. If someone else contributed a part, recognize it. You are not diminished. Quite the contrary. You grow. You are a person with whom others wish to collaborate. You are a person who recognizes and utilizes good ideas.

Yes, I’m sure you can scoff. I’m sure you can point out examples where “somebody done ya wrong”. Get over it. Move on. Share the spotlight. The more you shine on others, the more the light comes back to you.

*grin* Life lesson #43. Really.

Festival of Booths

Sukkot has arrived!
Booths appeared all over town
Love this holiday!

This has to be up there in my top 3 festivals: Pesach, Sukkot and SuperBowl. *grin* Had dessert & drinks in my sister’s sukkah on Wednesday, after dining in mine. Friends over for dinner last night. Guests expected for lunch today, probably tonight, and tomorrow dinner. 🙂 The weather has been cooperating sensationally! Absolutely perfect! Too bad the “kids” are all grown and dispersed about the world. I miss the boys (and the one hardy girl) sleeping over in the sukkah, baking them buttermilk biscuits in the morning. I’m trying to teach the kitten to except a harness/leash so she can come outside with me. She spared me the “crippled cat” routine but she meowed and meowed. I gather being outside was NOT her idea of having fun, although I’m not sure if it was the leash or the noises or the general memory of being a little lost hungry kitten in the big world. Good thing my dog likes the sukkah!!!

Time to go pick up some more fresh veggies and fruit at the farmers’ market in town. More people to feed today!! Hag Sameach everyone!

Blurred Boundary

Ahuva's Steampunk ShoesAll who know me know how I feel about shoes: they are jewelry for the feet. In SL Ahuva is known for her hair and boots/shoes. In the tangible world it’s probably much the same. *grin* In that spirit, I show you my latest footwear: Oxford by Hades. (Hades used to be known as Metropolis.) I saw these shoes at a Steampunk festival in the early summer months and fell in love. I traveled out of state to find them so I could size them. *grin* When they didn’t have my size, I turned to the internet for gratification.

I know that there are those of you who say that my shoes are the reason I limp. Wrongo. Just to make it VERY clear: there is NOTHING wrong with the left foot and it wears the same shoes as the right foot. nyah, nyah, nyah. I’m so glad the weather got cool this week. I figure I’d best get in all my fav shoes before the surgery just in case….

My coworkers are the best, as I believe I’ve mentioned before. They may think (know) I’m just a little bit crazy, but they do support me in my eccentricities. Thanks to Michael for taking the pic of the shoes. Thanks to Bill and Michael for finding this song for me: Kirsty MacColl singing “In These Shoes“.

Como se puede bailar? Es un escandolo
(But the way she dances, it’s a scandal)

Impossible to Miss

Just as we always wereLest you think I closed my SL account and faded out of the digital world, I offer proof of my virtual presence. 🙂 Dz’s rez day was yesterday and Daez threw a party! *laughing* Of course, being Daez, she put her own twist of fun into it – she had Dz help plan it without knowing that it was for Dz! I rather like that, myself. What I liked even more was that Daez got word to me a week in advance so that I wouldn’t miss the party. I put it on my calendar and made sure I had reminders triggered so that I wouldn’t get distracted and lose track of time.

I rezzed in right on time. It was a big day for Abby Rose, since MALES were allowed to attend the party. Usually the Abby is gals only. *grin* The Abby is MANY things usually but certainly one of them is “gals only”. *grin* Noma Falta was rocking the joint when I caught Daez’s taxi. Dz and Daez were in their usual spot – right up front, stage right. Daez told me the dance hud was on her derriere and to give it a tap. Except…. omg….. I couldn’t remember HOW to do that. Seriously. I stood there watching them dance, trying to remember how to touch something in SL. I actually IM’d Daez to ask how. Thank goodness I remembered before she responded. Whew!!!! Okay, I have DEFINITELY been out too long. That was extremely embarrassing. As usual, Dz needed to give me some directions for getting myself inline. THAT has always been the case! *grin* I parallel park much better than I can line up in SL. Once in my place, I got to rock the night away to the great tunes of Noma, hanging out yet again with Dz and Daez. Felt like home, felt like I’d never been away. *smile*

Happy rez day, Dz!!!!! *HUGS* Great party, Daez! 🙂

Sunday Morning Vignette

I’ve started sooooo many posts in my head that never make it to the keyboard. I don’t need Google Glass – I need something that lets me THINK and it creates a draft post. 🙂 Anyway…. I intend to write those posts still. The holidays always start several thoughts churning. But it’s Sunday morning. It’s a beautiful sunny, clear, cheerful late-summer, beginning-fall day. A day that makes it seem as if everything on my to-do list is possible. *laughing* I’m sure my list IS do-able. Just not in one day.

My son is safely abroad, already enjoying the experience. The antibiotics seemed to have cleared out my husband’s sinuses and he feels as if indeed he may enjoy breathing again. *grin* I’m not limping too badly today so I’ll probably over-do it trying to do as much as I can while I can walk. *laughing* So then tomorrow I’ll be limping badly again. Do you sense a pattern here? But today – today is “put up the Sukkah” day!!!!!!

I love accomplishing things. I love crossing items off my to-do list. I love watching projects take shape. I love the sense of bringing order out of chaos (chaos would be the mess that I call “my house”). At services yesterday I saw a friend. He’s 4 years younger than I and – omg – he’s RETIRED!!!! I asked him what he’s doing and he said “anything I want”. *smile* What a blessing, no?? He golfs, he gardens, he visits friends. I thought about that and was envious for a moment. Then I realized – I LIKE working. I LIKE structure in my life. I LIKE having a to-do list both at home and at the office. Most of all, I love the sense of achievement, whether small or large, when I cross off an item. Yes, there are days when retirement sounds like heaven. But for me, retirement will have to contain “to-do” lists. I do know that I’m getting closer to considering slowing-down. My to-do list this morning included “play with little black kitten until she’s tuckered out”. *grin* Okay, enough with sitting down. Time to cross off items!!!!