OOTD 20150427

I’ve been reading.  A lot.  It’s a great way to escape.  I love murder mysteries.  For the most part, they get resolved at the end of the book.  Nice, neat, resolved, known.  OVER.  Murder mysteries are usually VERY satisfying.

Even better – finding a NEW AUTHOR!!!!  This author has been about for years – won awards, published many books.  But Ann Cleeves is new to me.  I’ve been reading her Shetland series.  And it gets EVEN BETTER.  Besides a new author who writes great stories and has many books I’ve not yet read…..  I’m learning new words!!!  I have had to look up soooooo many words. The Shetland series is set in Shetland, Scotland.  Other than Shetland ponies I’d never heard of Shetland and its isles.  Most of the words I’ve had to look up are Scottish-isms.  But there have been one or two I’ve checked to make sure I knew both the connotation and denotation.  There are many more than I list here, but these were among the first to spark my curiosity and excitement:  pelagic, maroon, peerie, soothmoother, broch, kirk.  I know that there were more – foods and birds and customs (Up Helly Aa).

I’ve only read 2 of the 4 Shetland seasons.  🙂  Still 2 seasons to go!

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